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H16-66 1683 Chicago, IL1184 views1683, a Fairbanks Morse H16-66 sits amongst the coaling towers at C&NW's 40th Street yard in Chicago. This photo was taken in August 1974. Photo and scan by Mike Barton.

H16-66 1693 Bain, WI1541 viewsFairbanks Morse H16-66 1693 and three other FM's pull an eastbound train near the KD Jct at Bain, WI, Mike Patrick Photo 4-1965
H16-66 1903 Escanaba, MI1481 viewsTwo FM H16-66 units are westbound back to the mines with ore empties at Escanaba, MI. D. Ingles photo, 7-17-1969. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
H16-66 1903 Jefferson, WI1258 viewsFM H16-66 1903 is eastbound at Jefferson, WI with the North Fond du Lac to Janesville wayfreight in March, 1966. The “tell-tales” over the engine warned brakemen riding the tops of cars that an obstruction or low clearance was coming up soon. Bob Bullermann photo.
H16-66 1905 West Allis, WI1367 viewsAn eastbound train with three FM H16-66 units is passing by the West Allis Station. J. D. Ingles photo, 7-14-1973.
M&STL FT 445879 viewsABA EMD FT units, Circa 1945. Collection of Geen Green
M&STL FT 445915 viewsABA EMD FT units, Circa 1945. Collection of Geen Green
MP15 1308 Madison, WI1263 viewsMP15 1308 was built March, 1975. Photo taken at Madison, WI by Jim H. Yanke, 5-10-1987.
MP15 1313 Minneapolis, MN1007 viewsHarrison Street shop had several units temporarily assigned to it during 1988 when major physical plant work was being done at Proviso. Among one of the displaced units was MP-15 #1313, photographed at Harrison St., Minneapolis, MN on 5-8-88. Mike Guss photo
MP15 1314 Lodi, WI1608 viewsA special ferry train for the Mid Continent Railroad Museum departs from Lodi after an inspection stop. Photo by R. W. Brown, 6-21-1992. Submitted by Mike Patrick.
MP15 1315 Boone, IA1121 viewsMP15 1315 at Boone, Iowa, A Loren Karr photo
NW2 1007 Chicago, IL996 viewsNW2 #1007 at Chicago, IL on 10-13-73. Arthur Peterson photo/Mike Guss collection
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