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SD-9 #6614 Crookston, Ne..jpg
SD9 6614 Crookston, NE952 viewsSD9's and GP35's team up together today (6614-850-848-6602) to move westward tonnage in the form of train PRBFA through the lonely Sand Hills region of north central Nebraska near Crookston. This is a very secluded area where the wildlife population far outnumbers that of the people. Don't have car trouble out here in the winter !! Photo taken 1-16-86 by R J Williams
Slug BU3 Marshalltown, IA794 viewsYard Slug BU3 was rebuilt from SW1 1207. Its usual power source was GP7 1532.
Photo taken Aug, 6, 1982, in Marshalltown, IA by Dick Talbott.
Slug BU40 Waseca, MN764 viewsRoad Slug BU40 was rebulit from CGW RS2 No.51 in 1970 and retired in 1981. It was coupled between C424's 401 and 402. Photo taken at Waseca, MN. July 1977, Dick Talbott collection.
Slug BU9 Cedar Lake, MN769 viewsYard Slug BU9 was rebuilt in 1964 from an Alco S2 and retired in 1980. Its usual power source was SW1200 No.320. Photo taken at Cedar Lake, MN on May 13, 1979, by Dick Talbott.
Slug BU10 Cedar Lake, MN794 viewsYard Slug BU10 was rebuilt from Alco S1 1266 in 1973 and retired in 1979. Photo taken by Dick Talbott, May13. 1979 at Cedar lake MN.
Slug BU32 Norfolk, NE883 viewsRoad Slug BU32 was rebuilt in 1971 from BN F7B 755 and retired in 1982. Photo taken at Norfolk, NE. May 19, 1981 by Dick Talbott. The Mother units were 848 and 854.
SW1 1212 Eau Claire, WI1372 viewsSW1 1212 is working as the local switcher in Eau Claire, WI. Mike Patrick photo, 10-1965
SW1 1275 New London, WI1275 viewsThe local switcher at New London, WI on 7-4-1966.
Mike Patrick photo.
SW1 1276 Rochester, MN949 viewsRochester, MN. July 1977, Dick Talbott collection.
SW1 12781022 viewsSW1 #1278 was one of the last regularly assigned units to operate on the former Omaha line between Fairchild and Mondovi, WI. Photographed at an unknown location on 8-2-74. Mike Guss collection
SW1 1279 No Fond du Lac, WI549 viewsMen from the mechanical department service SW1 1279 at the North Fond du Lac roundhouse. Photo taken July 1974 by Bob Ferge. J. D. Ingles collection. Submitted by J. H. Yanke.
SW1 1279 North Fond du Lac, WI1215 viewsSW1 1279 is at the North Fond du Lac, WI Yard. Mike Patrick photo, 4-1965.
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