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F7 250 St. Paul, MN2272 viewsF7A #250 leads a typical set of power found on trains 161/164 during the mid 1970's. Photographed at St. Paul, MN during April, 1976 by Jon Herrick/Mike Guss collection
F7 262 Kenyon, MN2138 viewsF7A #262 leads a set of F-units southbound on for former CGW near Kenyon, MN during February, 1974. Jon Herrick photo/Mike Guss collection
F7 4001997 viewsF7 400 Bondurant
Dana Grefe photo
F-7 #403 Clinton, Ia..jpg
F7 403 Clinton, Iowa1889 viewsF7 #403 is at Clinton, Iowa as back up power for the #1385 steam special that ran in September of 1982 over the Iowa Division. Photo by R J Williams
F7 4084A Peoria, IL2009 viewsF7 4084A leads GP9 1745 and F7 4087C on a southbound freight at Peoria. Powell photo, 3-7-1959, J. David Ingles collection. Submitted by J. H. Yanke.

F7 4086C St. Francis, WI2453 viewsFive F units, borrowed from commuter service on the weekend, are pulling through track 3 in St. Francis Yard. St Francis Yard is west of the tower toward Mitchell Yard. Ronald A. Plazotta photo, 3-1970.
Submitted by J. H. Yanke.
F7 4088C Bain, WI2381 viewsF7 4088C, with an FP9 and an F7, are on the Proviso to Bain Turn making a pickup at Bain Yard. Before using tri-level cars, American Motors autos were shipped on K.A.T. trailers and piggy-back flats. Mike Patrick collection, circa 1961.
F7 4094C Council Bluffs, IA2611 viewsA-B-B set of F-units 4094C-4080B and unknown at Council Bluffs, IA Sept. 1962. Photographer unknown, Mike Guss collection
F7 4096A2820 viewsF-7 4096A was built in 1950. These 1500 HP F-7's were designed and geared for freight service. Later some of the F-7 A units were rebuilt and geared for passenger service. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
F7 4096C Kenosha, WI1941 viewsF7 4096C is westbound at Kenosha, WI in 1965.
Photo by Mike Patrick
F7 4097A Iron River, MI2700 viewsF7 4097A is coupled to Milwaukee Road units per the Ore Agreement with the Milwaukee Road that pooled engines and crews from both railroads together. Bob Peterman photo, 1953, Bob Baker collection.

F7 4098A2444 viewsF7A #4098A and new GP-30 #815 pose side by side at an unknown location during October of 1963. Photographer unknown, Mike Guss collection
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