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M-4 2640 Proviso, IL574 viewsThe 0-8-0 is one of eight built by Richmond in 1927 mainly for use at the Proviso yards. No. 2640 was photographed by W.R.Hicks on November 4, 1951 at Proviso, Illinois. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog
M-4 2642 Proviso, IL524 viewsThe 0-8-0 was built by Richmond in 1927 with 25x28 cylinders, 51" drivers and 185 lbs. of boiler pressure producing 54,000 lbs. of tractive force. Photo by H.W. Pontin of Railroad Photographs probably at Proviso, Illinois, date unknown. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
N-1 Chippewa 1851464 viewsThe Chippewa loco was built in 1866, during the Civil War. The details of the builder and specs are not known. When all the C&NW locos lost their names, the Chippewa was numbered 185 instead. There were other confusing renumberings after that, so the trail on this loco is not complete. It was probably in the group that was scrapped in the late 1880's. The "Franklin Hotel" is the building in the background, John Hunt collection.
No. 20567 viewsNo. 20 is a "Shops Transfer Engine" converted to a tank locomotive in 1928 from K class 0-6-0 No. 280 which was built by Rhode Island in 1902. Shop switchers usually had two numbers and were stationed at major roundhouses to move dead engines. The boarded windows on the fireman's side indicate a coal bunker. A headlight was not needed.
Date, place, photographer unknown. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog
R-1 1071531 viewsThe 4-6-0 was photographed by H.W.Pontin, date and location unknown. The pilot suggests the locomotive is in passenger service. The well-maintained engine had 21x26" cylinders, 63" drivers and 200 lbs. boiler presure which produced 30,900 lbs. of tractive force. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
R-1 1147 Belle Plaine, IA366 viewsC&NW R-1 No.1147, 4-6-0 at Belle Plaine, IA, March 22, 1941 a Vinson Luwe photo. C. Shannon collection.
R-1 1332 Chicago, IL407 viewsNo.1332 Class R1 4-6-0, at Chicago. Collection of C. Shannon.
R-1 1342 Chicago, IL.428 viewsC&NW R-1 No.1342 4-6-0, Chicago, IL. Photo taken by Vinson Luwe. Note the missing bell, this must be on the scrap line. C. Shannon collection.
R-1 1376 West Chicago, Ill.508 viewsArthur B. Johnson photographed the 4-6-0 at West Chicago on May 7, 1950 probably when the engine was in commuter service though she is fitted with footboards for local freight work. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
R-1 1385 Boone, IA3469 viewsR-1 1385 leads a F-7 and bi-level coaches over the Kate Shelly bridge. Jim Sands photo.
R-1 1385 Butler, WI673 viewsThis photo was taken while working third shift. It was the first time the 1385 arrived on the Butler ramp. The photo was taken with available light while holding the shutter open. The look of it reminded me of the brass model trains and was an accident that it turned out that way. I believe the photo was taken in the spring of 1981. Photo by D.Coleman
CNW 4-6-0 #1385 Cedar Rapids, Ia. Sept. 1982.jpg
R-1 1385 Cedar Rapids, IA2841 viewsC&NW's 1907 built 4-6-0 steamer #1385 has an excursion train in tow as it arrives Cedar Rapids, Ia. in September of 1982. Photo by R J Williams
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