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E-1 2207 Chicago, IL932 viewsPacific 2207 is backing a suburban train out of the Chicago Passenger Terminal to make way for another arrival. The undated rooftop shot is by H.W.Pontin. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
E-1 2211 Superior, WI888 viewsThe E-1 class consisted of light Pacifics which were built during the same general period as the E class heavy Pacifics. The photo from the Vollrath Collection was taken at Superior, Wisconsin in 1950. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
E-1 2218659 viewsClass E-1 Pacific No. 2218. The photo is marked 1954. Collection of C. Shannon.
E-1 941 Chicago. IL603 viewsNo.941 a Class E-1 4-6-2 #941. Photo taken April 1940 by Vinson Luwe, Collection of C. Shannon.
E-2 29081014 viewsThe E-2 is one of the four ex- "400" engines. The photo is undated but, the Mars lights were applied in 1947. The converted from oil to coal fuel was in 1940. Place and photographer unknown. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
E-2 2911 Elroy, WI1098 viewsAll twelve E-2's built by Schenectady in 1923 had their 75" drivers replaced with 79" drivers. Arthur B. Johnson photographed 2911 at Elroy, Wisconsin on July 11, 1953, a few years before she was scrapped. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
E-2A 29031100 views2903 was rebuilt in 1934 to power the Twin Cities 400. It is shown being tested with a housing on the pilot deck for the technician monitoring the indicator which will diagram the performance of the cylinders. The E-2a was built by Schenectady in 1923 and is fired with oil. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
E-2A 2903 Milwaukee, WI3650 viewsClass E-2A Pacific 2903 is at the Milwaukee, WI depot with Green Bay to Chicago train No. 206. Jim Scribbins photo, 12-21-1947.
Submitted by J. H. Yanke.
E-2B 2909836 viewsClass E-2B Heavy Pacific No.2909. Built 1923. The photo is marked 1954. Collection of C. Shannon
E-2B 2911 Chicago, IL3880 viewsClass E-2B Pacific 2911 is pulling out of Chicago with the heavyweight 400. C&NW P.R photo taken between 1935 and 1939. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
E-2B 2912 Racine, WI4266 viewsClass E-2B 2912, a 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific, was built in 1930. In this photo, taken by Bob Gaulke, the diesels pulling #240 have had mechanical problems. The 2912 was put on en route to get the train to Chicago. The photo was taken at Racine, WI 4-6-52. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
E-4 4003 Chicago, IL893 viewsC&NW No.4003 E-4, 4-6-4 at Chicago, IL January 11, 1941. The photo was taken by Vinson Luwe, C. Shannon collection.
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