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Airslide Covered Hopper CNW 69795 Marshalltown, IA1666 views70 ton airslide covered hopper built by GATC in 1966. Repainted at Clintion June 1982 Dick Talbott photo, 6-22-1982
CNW auto rack IHB BI 010104.JPG
Auto Rack TTGX 9811171064 viewsCNW auto racks continue to be found in pool service in 2004. This rack was found heading westbound through the Indiana Harbor Belt's Blue Island (IL) yard on January 1, 2004. Photo by Jerry Krug
Auto Rack 978840 Battle Creek, MI1018 viewsAuto Rack #978840. Photo taken in Battle Creek MI 2/5/2000 by Ron Christensen
Box Car 251064 Altoona, WI1755 views40' outside braced steel box car. Rebuilt at Clinton, April, 1971, from a wood sided box car. Photographed at Altoona, WI. Dick Talbott photo, 5-14-1979
Box Car CGW 395 Belle Plaine, IA1043 viewsCGW box car part of a 8 car series #391 to 398, waiting at the Belle Plaine, IA yard for scraping or rebuild. Photo taken 7/6/91, by Ron Christensen
Box Car CGW 499 Perry, IA1579 views40', 50 ton, plain end box car built by Pullman Standard. The car has Cresco three panel doors. The car is stenciled 'System Merchandise Service Only". The car was rebuilt 1950-1951 from a 85000 series box car. Dick Talbott photo,
Box Car CGW 54651288 views40', 50 ton, PS-1 box car with 6' doors. Dick Talbott photo, location unknown, 5-20-1981
Box Car CGW 57011399 viewsCGW 5701 Boxcar built in 1957. Photo from collection of Clem Devine.
Box Car CGW 594 Butler, WI755 viewsCGW 594 continues to serve at Butler Yard as a bumper car. Photo taken May 15, 2004 by Jerry Krug.
Box Car CGW 93120 LaPorte, IN1029 viewsThe C&NW has rebuilt this CGW box car. The cars are probably part of the 1957 order built by Pullman Standard for general use. Photo taken July 1975, at LaPorte, IN on the NYC/Penn Central/Conrail, Ron Christensen collection.
Box Car CMO 1751 Grand Island, NE2076 viewsCMO 1751 Boxcar photographed at Grand Island, NE on 9-25-1955 by Jack Pfeifer. Submitted by Clem Devine.
Box Car CMO 20024 Express Boxcar1661 viewsExpress boxcar CMO 20024 was built with high-speed trucks, air signal line and steam line for passenger service. Photo taken at Wausau, WI, 7-70. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
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