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Sleeper American Sunset2219 viewsAmerican Car & Foundry built 2 American series sleepers for the C&NW. They were 6-section, 6-roomette, 4-double bedroom cars. Pullman company built 7 other American series sleepers for the C&NW. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
Sleeper Northern Forest2461 viewsThe C&NW along with the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha puchased 12 Northern series sleepers from the Pullman Company in 1948. Each car had 16 duplex roomettes, 3 double bedrooms and 1 compartment. This photo was taken 5-17-58 showing Northern Forest and a bi-level coach on display in Racine, WI. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
Suburban Coaches GP7 1644 Chicago, IL2752 viewsOn a cold winter day in Chicago, GP7 1644 shuttles 13 bi-level coaches between the passenger terminal and the coach yard. Art Harnack photo, 2-1978. Submitted by J. H. Yanke.
Suburban Train 5027A Kenosha, WI2418 viewsE8 5027A backs No. 324 into the Kenosha station over 52nd Street for a morning departure. Mike Patrick photo, 4-22-1983.
Cab 192 Dec 74.jpg
Suburban Train Central St Evanston IL1984 viewsNote the semaphore for track 1 is long gone. The triple track now converges south of the station at the Canal interlock. Imagine the traffic that once flooded this stretch of track!... 400's, scoots, mail trains, local freights weaving in between the daily ballet streamliners doing 90 mph. Photo by Richard Greene from the collection of Stu Greene
Suburban Train E8 501 Arlington Heights, IL1635 viewsC&NW E8 501, with a Crandall cab, soldiers through its weekend duties on a very cold, crisp January day in 1978. Photographed by Mike Barton at Arlington Heights.
CNW #5027A West Chicago, Ill..jpg
Suburban Train E8 5027A West Chicago, Ill.1935 viewsCNW E8's were still a common sight on Commuter runs out of Chicago in the summer of 1981. CNW E8 #5027A is on the point of this westbound scoot about to make a brief station stop at West Chicago in August of that year. Photo by R J Williams
CNW E-8 #509.jpg
Suburban Train E8 509 Lombard, IL1941 viewsCNW E8 #509 has a westbound "scoot" on the move once again after making a station stop at Lombard, Illinois. Photo taken in July of 1980 by R J Williams
Suburban Train E8 Canal Tower, IL329 viewsA North Bound "Scoot" passing Canal Tower in December 1964. Photo by Nick Jenkins
CNW #411 Lombard, Il..jpg
Suburban Train F7 411 Lombard, IL2006 viewsA pair of F units today work a scoot westward near Lombard, Illinois in July of 1980. Photo by R J Williams
Suburban Train F7 416 Waukegan, IL1861 viewsF7 416 and another F7 are pushing an eastward scoot at Waukegan. Mike Patrick photo, 9-1973.
CNW F-7 #421 near Wheaton, Ill..jpg
Suburban Train F7 421 Wheaton, IL1971 viewsAn afternoon westbound "scoot" is led by CNW F7 #421 near Wheaton, Illinois in May of 1980. Photo by R J Williams
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