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Depot Ironwood, MI1172 viewsC&NW brick depot. Photo by Dick Talbott 5-20-84
Depot Itasca, WI1299 viewsItasca is located on the south side of Superior, WI. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.
Depot Jefferson, IA1205 viewsC&NW brick depot at Jefferson. IA. Dick Talbott photo, May 1981.
Depot Jefferson, WI1835 viewsThe brick depot at Jefferson, WI on the Clyman Sub still stands today. GP-7 1601 stands by as the crew is inside talking to the agent in 1966. Bob Bullermann photo,
Depot Jewell, IA1075 viewsC&NW #2 standard wood frame depot.
Dick Talbott photo 7-9-80.
Depot Johnson Creek, WI1408 viewsThe brick depot at Johnson Creek, WI on the Clyman Sub between Clyman Junction and Jefferson Junction. This depot has been demolished. Jim H. Yanke photo, 12-1987.

Depot Kendalls, WI1542 viewsThe tracks are gone, the station is in disrepair but it's still there in 1965. Location is Kendalls Wisconsin between Elroy and Sparta bypassing Wyeville
Depot Kenilworth, IL853 viewsC&NW stone commuter station on the North Line. The station was completed by Joseph Sears in 1892 as part of his proposed improvements for the village of Kenilworth. The Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee tracks were located just behind the building. Dick Talbott photo 9-23-84.
Depot Kenosha, WI979 viewsDepot at Kenosha,WI taken Aug. 11, 1984. Photo by Dick Talbott
Lake Bluff-IL21.jpg
Depot Lake Bluff, IL896 viewsC&NW commuter staion on the North Line.
Dick Talbott photo 9-22-84.
Lake Forrest-IL21.jpg
Depot Lake Forest, IL857 viewsC&NW commuter station on the North Line.
Dick Talbott photo 9-22-84.
Depot Lake Mills, WI1608 viewsLake Mills is west of Jefferson Junction on the line from Madison to Milwaukee. J. David Ingles photo, 10-9-1983. Collection of Bob Baker.

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