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Shops North Green Bay, WI1631 viewsFormer CGW GP30 #803 is at the North Green Bay roundhouse awaiting a new cab and nose in this April, 1971 view. The 803 was involved in a head-on collision with sister unit #808. The 803 went on to receive a new nose and cab, while repairs to the 808 would be limited to some cosmetic front-end work and repainting. Mike Guss collection.
Shops Oelwein, IA1491 viewsGP7 4447 is being rebuilt in the shop at Oelwein. Bob Baker photo, 5-1981
Signal Bridge Wyeville, WI.1309 viewsC&NW cantilever bridge with upper quadrant semaphore signal at Wyeville WI. Dick Talbott photo, May 1975.
Telephone Booth West Side, IA1174 viewsCNW cast concrete telephone booth at West Side, IA. Dick Talbott photo, May 1981.
Third Ward Yards Milwaukee, WI2659 viewsThis photo taken off the Milwaukee River Bridge shows the coaling tower, roundhouse, Chicago-bound Budd RDC cars, and tower. The interlocking switches were controlled by the bridge operator. The tower was used by the signal maintainers. Photo, circa 1953, J. D. Ingle’s collection, submitted by J. H. Yanke
Tower 8th Street Boone, IA1432 views8th Street Tower at Boone, IA photographed during October, 1971. Photographer unknown, Mike Guss collection
Tower Broadway Tower & Interlocking Station, Green Bay, WI1413 viewsThe Broadway Tower & Interlocking Station bore witness to countless trains running through the North Side of Green Bay, WI over many years... And for a change of pace witnessed GB&W trains crossing the Diamond... This unique structure is seen here on 7/5/1982... Photo by John F. Campbell...
Tower Canal Tower Evanston IL317 viewsCanal Tower controlled three main tracks from Chicago to two main tracks. Also controlled wye tracks leading to Weber sub. Nick Jenkins photo.
Tower Canal Tower Evanston IL299 viewsCanal Tower located at Green Bay Road and Simpson Street in Evanston, Il. View is looking south. Nick Jenkins photo.
Tower Clinton Street Tower1872 viewsThe Clinton Street Tower in Chicago was at the junction of the Northwest/North Line and the West Line. It was just north of the Lake Street Tower. The train at the right is pushing into the Chicago Passenger Terminal from the West Line. Photo by Jim H. Yanke, July, 1974
Tower Clinton, IA1322 viewsC&NW 9th street tower in Clinton, IA. Dick Talbott photo, May 1979.
Tower Clyman Junction, WI1839 viewsThe interlocking tower at Clyman Junction, WI governed the diamond for the East/West Adams Sub and North/South Janesville Sub. An eastbound train with Alco C628 #6701 is picking up train orders. Chuck Porter photo. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
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