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Car Washer2058 viewsCar washer at the California Avenue Coach Yard in Chicago. First bi-level coach No 1 is getting a wash. C&NW PR Dept photo, circa 1960. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
Chicago Passenger Terminal2832 viewsFront view of the Madison Street Station. The station was built at a cost of $23,000,000 and was opened for business in 1911. Bob Baker photo, 6-1981.
Chicago Passenger Terminal2929 viewsInside view looking east toward Canal Street. Bob Baker photo, 6-1981
Chicago Passenger Terminal2878 viewsInside view looking west towards Clinton Street. Bob Baker photo, 6-1981
Chicago Passenger Terminal2294 viewsTrain indicator board at gate entrance for the train shed. Bob Baker photo, 6-1981
Chicago Passenger Terminal2840 viewsLooking east in the train shed. Normal operations by this time had cab control cars on the south end of all commuter trains... Bob Baker photo, 6-1981

Chicago Passenger Terminal2219 viewsInbound train, No. 624 from Lake Geneva, WI, coming in along the platform. In one minute, hundreds of commuters will step off and head for work in the City. Bob Baker photo, 5-1972.
Chicago Passenger Terminal2515 viewsOutbound scoot with an F7 unit pulls by the Clinton Street Interlocking. Bob Baker photo, 5-1980.

Chicago Passenger Terminal2206 viewsInbound train passing through the Lake Street Interlocking Plant entering the station. Bob Baker photo, 5-1972.
Chicago Passenger Terminal2745 viewsF7 4085C, departing with a three-car scoot, pulls through the Lake Street Interlocking Plant. Behind the train is the Power House which supplied heat to all the Terminal buildings. Bob Baker photo, 5-1972.
Chicago Passenger Terminal, aerial photo2778 viewsThis view of the C. P.T. looks north in the days when small airplanes could fly at will. The date is probably the early 1950's. The Madison St. entrance to the Terminal is visible. The Lake Street elevated crosses the throat of the tracks near the end of the train shed. While most details are too small, the overview shows the layout of the tracks and the path of the Chicago River. C&NW Trans Co. photo, submitted by Joe Pierson.
Chicago Passenger Terminal, Kate Shelley "400"2030 views#2, The Kate Shelley "400" at the bumper post at Madison St. Station, summer,1956. The train was due in from Cedar Rapids at 11:10 AM. Bill Hakkarinen photo.
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