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Coal tower Escanaba 073004.jpg
Coal tower Escanaba, MI2004 viewsA visit to Escanaba, MI on July 30, 2004 yielded a special treat. The C&NW coal tower remains standing near the ore docks. Jerry Krug photo.
Coal Tower Ishpeming, MI1573 viewsA view of the coal tower at Ishpeming. Bob Bullermann photo, 7-28-1965
Montfort Jct. coal tower and turbine 101803.jpg
Coal tower Montfort Jct. WI1685 viewsThe coal tower at Montfort Jct., WI, west of Dodgeville on the "ridge runner" line, was left standing by the C&NW when the line was abandoned. Taken by Jerry Krug on October 18, 2003.
Coal tower #1 Keeler Ave. 091304.jpg
Coal tower #2 Keeler Ave. Chicago1423 viewsTwo coal towers continue to stand at the Keeler Ave. facility in Chicago. Standing at the access switch on the east side of the facility, this tower is to the right (northeast). Taken September 13, 2004 by Jerry Krug
Coaling Tower Boone, IA1456 viewsCNW three track coaling tower, Boone IA. It was built in 1940, with a capacity of 300 ton. Dick Talbott photo, May 1979.
Crossing Signal Wells, MI1862 viewsWig Wags were a popular C&NW Warning Device in various regions of the System... And C-628 #6702 is leading two other units and a long "drag" of iron ore "jimmies" with horns "blaring" as it pounds across the roadway leading to Wells, MI with the Wig Wag fully activated during 8/1986... Photo by John F. Campbell...
Culvert Caledonia, IL3508 viewsOn the KD line between Harvard and Rockford. Photo taken in 1918. Submitted by Brian Landis.
Depot Aberdeen, SD1325 viewsC&NW brick depot at Aberdeen, SD. Dick Talbott collection, photo 8-29-1977.
Depot Albert Lea, MN1411 viewsM&StL brick depot at Albert Lea, MN. Photo by Dick Talbott, May 1984.
Alden, Illinios~0.jpg
Depot Alden, Illinois1929 viewsThis is an old depot that was part of the Kenosha Division, that went from Kenosha, WI to Rockford, Ill. This line was abandoned about 60 years ago. Yes it is leaning that much!
Depot Algona, IA1549 viewsC&NW brick depot at Algona, IA. Dick Talbott photo, May 1994.
Depot Allis Station Milwaukee, WI1727 viewsAllis Station was on the elevation at National Avenue in Milwaukee. The eastward main track and the Marsh Yard were on the left/east side. The westward main and the 5th Ward Yard were on the right/west side. Jim H. Yanke photo, 1-30-87.

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