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UP 1995 et al Rochelle 051506.jpg
SD70ACe UP 1995 Rochelle, IL1777 viewsCaught the UP's CNW Heritage unit leading MPRCB at Rochelle, IL on July 16, 2006. Photo by Jerry Krug from Dement Rd.Bridge.07/21/06 at 04:44CNW4404: I'd give it a 5 just because of your flying leap.
CNW 6930 Proviso 053104.jpg
SD40-2 6930 Proviso, IL1442 viewsCNW #6930, with Operation Lifesaver scheme, was towed to Proviso to be scrapped. On cloudy May 31, 2003, Jerry Krug found this unit awaiting its fate.06/14/06 at 12:40BNSFrailfan.: That's very sad that she now gone. Crying or Very sad
Depot Glencoe, IL1473 viewsDesigned by Charles S. Frost, the depot was dedicated in 1891. The station is representative of architect-designed commuter stations built during the "railroad beautiful" period. It is just as beautiful in this view from a Kenosha-bound train on May 2, 2004.
Photo by Bill Hakkarinen
06/02/06 at 00:27MIKEC&NW: when was this picute taken?
Depot Green Bay, WI2260 viewsThe Green Bay depot was also the headquarters of the Lakeshore Division. The building is used today as a micro-brewery and restaurant. Bob Ferge photo, 2-1974. Collection of Bob Baker.

04/10/06 at 08:52ezielinski: As of April 2006, the Green Bay Depot is still use...
Depot New London, WI1499 viewsNew London depot on the Clintonville District. Mike Patrick photo, 9-1980.04/10/06 at 08:49ezielinski: This depot was moved just down the street from it'...
Wrecker CNW 6359 Kenosha, WI1632 viewsWrecker 6359 is working at a derailment near the west yard north of the Kenosha depot, Mike Patrick photo, 11-1974. 03/06/06 at 06:39CNW4404: If I had only been born a few years earlier! The A...
Bridge Niobrara Span1467 viewsEastern side of the CNW bridge over the Niobrara River. Now is utilized as part of the Cowboy trail. Jay Anderson photo (06/13/03)03/03/06 at 02:17BNSFrailfan.: I am so Crying or Very sad that no more Trains run on this lin...
west point.jpg
Depot West Point, Nebraska1059 viewsNow located 3 blocks west of the old Fremont to Chadron mainline in the city park this depot is a museum. West Point had many rail customers and hung on until a late eighties flood destroyed parts of the line east of Scribner, NE. Jay Anderson photo (12/31/2004)03/03/06 at 02:12BNSFrailfan.: That's very Sad . No more Trains come through thi...
Depot Fort Calhoun, Nebraska1443 views1930's picture of the CstPM&O wooden depot in Fort Calhoun between Blair and Florence. This photo is taken looking northeast at the depot with a southbound heading to Florence about to pass by. Jay Anderson (Washington County Historical Society)03/03/06 at 02:02BNSFrailfan.: What street was this Depot located at in Ft calhou...
GP7 1639 Lake Bluff, IL1621 viewsA westbound freight from Proviso is coming off the Lake Sub at Lake Bluff, IL and is entering the Old Line Sub. Experimental green painted 1639 is on the point. J. M. Canfield photo, 4-20-1962. Submitted by J. H. Yanke.01/24/06 at 16:45stugreene: Note the trailing Geep has the square end, which h...
No. 153 -"Flambeau 400" Milwaukee, WI3553 viewsNo. 153 has just departed the Milwaukee Road station and will stay on the Milwaukee Road through the City of Milwaukee until it reaches the connection to the C&NW at Wiscona. Tom Hoffmann photo, 8-14-1969.01/23/06 at 20:11stugreene: The second car is one of the dining cars (#6953 or...
No. 209 "Peninsula 400" Central St. Evanston, IL3552 viewsAlco DL-109 5007A was the only DL-109 owned by the C&NW. It was a 2000 HP unit with two 6 cylinder engines. 5007A was built in 1941 and retired in 1956. Submitted by J. H. Yanke11/29/05 at 02:59stugreene: This shot is at Central St. Note the fence between...
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