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Last additions - Diesel Models
Locomotive display by Eric Salter548 viewsCNW 1305 is a MP15 extra details, weathered to match 1994 era.
CNW 4164, 4199, 4145 - GP7s extra details, painted, and weathered to match 1994. Winner of the Judges Award.
SP 8579 is a SD40M-2 with many details, the prototype was a CNW non dynamic SD45.
NREX 7009 is a SD50 A patched ex CNW
CGW 808 - GP30
CNW 814 A fantasy model of a F59PHI. The paint scheme won a Merit Award.
CNW MOW train - All cars have been detailed, painted, and weathered.
Jul 06, 2010
C&NW locomotive display548 viewsCollection of C&NW locomotive paint schemes in HO by Jed Magnuson.
#6897 is a SD40-2
#4606 is a GP38-2
#8034 is a SD60
#5517 is a GP40, it started as a Athearn GP40-2
#8659 is a C44-9W
#6544 is a SD 45
#8575 is a C42-8 numbered for the last C42-8 unpatched
Jul 03, 2010
E7 #5014, FP9BM #4052B, E8 #5030487 viewsJames Broughton's HO model, The locomotive consist that was used on the Flambeau 400.
E7 5014 has a Proto 2000 chassis with a Broadway Limited body.
FP9BM 4052B
E8 5030 has a Proto 2000 chassis with the rear a Proto body and a High Liner noise.
The complete Flambeau 400 in August 1956 won the Lloyd Keyser Best of Show award at the 2010 meet in Kenosha.
Jun 26, 2010
Alco C628 C&NW #67071311 viewsDan Cary's Stewart HO Model, custom weathered and detailed by Tom Cox of Red Pine Precision Modeling!Apr 06, 2010
Alco C628 C&NW #6707581 viewsDan Cary's Stewart HO Model, custom weathered and detailed by Tom Cox of Red Pine Precision Modeling!Apr 06, 2010
Alco slug set 402-BU40-404844 views1st Place Open and Dioramas category at the 2008 modeling contest. Models by Dennis Eggert.
The complete story on how they were made can be found in the April 2008 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman.
Jun 03, 2008
SD 40 CNW #923749 views2nd place in the From a CNWHS publication" at the 2008 model contest. The SD40 was an CGW locomotive. Model by Vince Kotnik
The locomotive was detailed and weathered. The grab irons were made from 0.006 wire and the handrails from 0.008 wire. The fuel tank was Shortened and new nose lights added.
Jun 02, 2008
Alco RS-32 C&NW #4242608 views2nd Place Diesel category at the 2008 model contest.
Alco RS-32 C&NW #4242
This started as a Atlas Trainman RS-32 engine and was detailed and weathered. Model by Dave Casey.
Jun 01, 2008
C&NW 5007A Alco DL107535 views1st place Diesel 2008 model contest.
C&NW 5007A Alco DL107 A reworked Overland Milwaukee road prototype. The Milwaukee road nose medallion backer was removed, and reshaped to C&NW headlight fairing. Handrails and windshield guards were added. The chrome headlight trim and mars light reflector were scratch built. Model by Jim Broughton
Jun 01, 2008
E8 #5021-B678 viewsThe C&NW model started as a Broadway Limited model. It has a Life Like shell with reshaped nose contours, and windows.
Many details parts were added.
Jim Broughton model, second place in the diesel category at Huron, SD, meet in 2007.
May 27, 2007
GP7 #121 CGW586 viewsGregor Moe's CGW GP-7, repainted.
Third place at the Huron, SD. meet in 2007.
May 27, 2007
Model C&NW RS3 #1621725 viewsDennis Eggert's model of C&NW Alco RS3 #1621. The model is a Atlas frame and a Atlas cab and Stewart shell. The following parts were scratched built: fuel tank, air tank, 2 hood doors on the engineers side, all grab irons, foot boards, sand fillers, class light brackets, hood door handles, air piping, hand brake pulleys, and crank case breather.
The model was frist place in the "From a CNWHS publication" at Huron, SD. in 2007.
May 25, 2007
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