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Last additions - Structure Models
Milwaukee , WI station489 viewsThe Milwaukee Depot, modeled by Keith Kolhmann in N gauge.Jul 03, 2010
North Freedom Depot406 viewsScratch built HO model, from photos recently discovered by Mark Carlson.Jun 26, 2010
Kenosha, WI430 viewsC&NW depot at Kenosha WI. The model was scratch built by Keith Kohlmann in N gauge.Jun 26, 2010
Kenosha depot458 viewsThe model was built in HO gauge from photos and won Model best representing Kenosha.
the model was built by Shawn O'Day.
Jun 25, 2010
Coaling Station 100 ton Winthrop, MN991 views1st place structures at the 2008 model contest. The model was scratch built by Charles Schwartz.
The model is the MSTL 100 ton Mechanical coaling station at Winthrop MN. The Model dimensions were estimated from a photograph showing the west and south sides. Details of this model were estimated from that photo and scale drawings of other Howlett construction-built M&StL coaling stations.

Jun 02, 2008
Depot Kendall, WI Model553 views2nd Place Structures at the 2008 model contest. Model by Stephen Carlson.
A Laser Dynamics kit painted and detailed for the C&NW Kendall WI Station.
Jun 02, 2008
Bridge Sheboygan Falls, WI604 viewsMicro Engineering bridge track. The rest of the N gauge model is scratch built by Vince Kotnik.
Second Place Structure, at the 2007 Huron meet.
May 25, 2007
Depot Winthrop, MN535 viewsThis is a scratch built model of the M&StL depot in Winthrop.
The base and siding is Evergreen Scale Models, roof is Plastruct, wooden platform is Northeastern Scale Lumber, windows, doors, and chimney from Tichy Train group, freight door and train order signal from Grant Line, interior benches for SS, Ltd, and paint Polly Scale (mixed). Decals are computer made.
Model by Charles Schwartz it was frist place structures at the 2007 Huron meet and Best of Show.
May 25, 2007
Depot South Oshkosh, WI542 viewsA scratch built model of the C&NW South Oshkosh depot. The model started as a scale paper moch up using a photo and Sanford Insurance maps for dimensions. The model has Campbell doors, Grant Line windows, and Northeastern shingles. The building was built board by board from Northeastern scale lumber. The depot sign was made with a computor and printer.
Model by Jay Davis, third place structures at the 2007 Huron meet.
May 25, 2007
Depot Strandburg, SD509 viewsRon Christensen's Strandburg, SD. M&StL frame depot. This is a kit built building, made for CNWHS by Mountaineer Precision Products.
Third place Structures at the 2007 Huron meet.
May 25, 2007
Peoria Model M&StL icehouse718 viewsModel of the Peoria Ice house. scratch built model by Ron ChristensenApr 13, 2007
Greenbay Station by John Dornfeld751 viewsAll styrene construction. The brick is Plastruct "TT" scale brick to give more detail. The roofing on the tower is Plastruct Spanish Tile  in "N"scale. All the windows and doors( 96 of them) are from Tichy. The lower stone work is Plastruct's HO Concrete block. The corbels are from Campbell Scale Models. The tower top is laser cut and laminated to show the brick relief. actual plans were used.Jan 26, 2006
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