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Map United States, circa 1945813 viewsThis map unfolds to 32 x 19 inches. Submitted by Bill HakkarinenMay 01, 2005
Time Table May 5, 1935745 viewsOnly one "400" on C&NW rails at this time. #401 Left Chicago at 3:30 PM, arrived Minneapolis at 10:30 PM. 418 miles in 420 minutes. Return #400 Left Minneapolis at 3:00PM for a 10 PM Chicago arrival. Submitted by Bill Hakkarinen.May 01, 2005
GP7 4307 Chicago, IL1415 views4307 is serving as the station switcher during platform and train shed reconstruction at Chicago, April 1996. Photo by Bill Hakkarinen.Apr 25, 2005
Peninsula "400" Milwaukee, Wisconsin1611 viewsSouthbound "Peninsula 400" streamliner arrives in Milwaukee behind 2000 H.P. EMD E-3 diesel units 5001-A and 5001-B in the early 1940's. Undated postcard, published by Lyman E. Cox. Photo by C&NW Ry. Submitted by Bill HakkarinenApr 25, 2005
Brochure Bi-Level "400's" October, 1958708 viewsThe new Bi-Level trainsets first went into service on the Peninsula "400" between Chicago and Ishpeming, and the Green Bay "400" Chicago-Green Bay. October 26, 1958.
Submitted by Bill Hakkarinen
Apr 25, 2005
Passenger Ticket Envelope 1960836 views$67.87 was the round-trip fare between Negaunee, MI and Silver Spring, MD (on the B&O) , for this trip that began on Feb. 26, 1960. Fare included slumbercoach rooms on the B&O. Submitted by Bill HakkarinenApr 25, 2005
Dining Car Menu circa 1961748 views"The Steward of this car will be glad to furnish you with a Souvenier copy of this menu."
Breaded fillet of Pike, Tartar Sauce.............2.50
Creamed mushroom omelette.....................2.00
and Coca-Cola was 15 cents a bottle!
Submitted by Bill Hakkarinen
Apr 25, 2005
SW1200 1218 Chicago, IL1278 views1218 is the station switcher on this Sunday morning, September 8, 1985. It is at work making up the cars for the 20th Century Railroad Club's "Overland 400" excursion. Photo by Bill Hakkarinen.Apr 24, 2005
Chicago Passenger Terminal: Overland "400" leaving CPT2038 viewsSeptember 8, 1985. The 20th Century Railroad Club's special excursion, "The Overland 400," leaves for Sterling, IL, with a C&NW busniess car carrying the markers and tail sign. Bill Hakkarinen photo.Apr 17, 2005
Chicago Passenger Terminal: B&O Tenant, 19702263 viewsB&O's Capitol Limited at the bumper post, Summer, 1970, during the period when Madison Street Station also was host to B&O's Chicago passenger trains. Photo by Charles Hakkarinen. Submitted by Bill Hakkarinen.Apr 16, 2005
Semaphores in Steam Chicago, IL1204 viewsA signal bridge with semaphores gets dusted by ex-NKP #765 as "The Overland 400" heads West. The September 7, 1985 excursion to Sterling was sponsored by the 20th Century RR Club of Chicago. Bill Hakkarinen photo.Apr 14, 2005
Coal Tower De Kalb, IL1801 viewsThe coal tower at the East side of De Kalb, IL gets dusted with smoke again in 1985 as the "Overland 400" roars West behind NKP 2-8-4 #765. The September 7 excursion to Sterling was sponsored by the 20th Century RR Club of Chicago. Photo taken from ex-Santa Fe Big Dome Lounge. Bill Hakkarinen photo, 9-7-85
Apr 14, 2005
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