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C&NW 16171734 viewsStreamlined pacific for the "Minnesota 400." Posed circa late 1940's. C&NW photo.
Undated postcard. From the collection of Bill Hakkarinen
Apr 12, 2005
Streamliner Service Ramp Chicago, IL1323 viewsThe streamliner service ramp at Keeler Ave. in Chicago, circa late 1940's. The "City of Denver" is the center train. Undated postcard. From the collection of Bill HakkarinenApr 12, 2005
Negaunee, MI "Peninsula 400"2165 viewsTrain 214 arrives Negaunee in August, 1960. Photo and submission by Bill HakkarinenApr 12, 2005
Negaunee, MI "The Iron Country"2017 viewsTrain 162, The Iron Country, ready to leave Negaunee for Ishpeming, MI, August 1960. A "400" coach carries the markers. Photo and submission by Bill Hakkarinen

Apr 12, 2005
Negaunee, MI Waiting for the Mail, "The Iron Country"2451 viewsAugust, 1960. The conductor waits for the M&E crew to finish their work before leaving for Ishpeming, the last stop. #162 still carried a sleeper to ease the overnight run from Chicago.
Photo and submission by Bill Hakkarinen
Apr 12, 2005
Chicago Passenger Terminal, Kate Shelley "400"2047 views#2, The Kate Shelley "400" at the bumper post at Madison St. Station, summer,1956. The train was due in from Cedar Rapids at 11:10 AM. Bill Hakkarinen photo.Apr 12, 2005
Chicago Passenger Terminal, Ladies Day in Chicago, 19561950 viewsThe City of Milwaukee "400" appears to have brought the ladies into town for a day in Chicago. Summer, 1956. Photo by Bill Hakkarinen.Apr 12, 2005
Negaunee, MI "Peninsula 400"2801 viewsThe southbound Peninsula "400," (train 214, 240 on Sundays) in the Town of Negaunee, gets an early start on its run to Chicago. Photographer and Date unknown. Thanks to Bob Baker for identifying the location. The "400" left Negaunee each day at 7:16 AM (1944 schedule). Train 214 went via Manitowoc, #214 on Sunday ran via Fond du Lac. Submitted by Bill HakkarinenApr 12, 2005
Flambeau "400"1399 viewsFlambeau "400" at Woodruff, WI. Bob Fremming Photo. Undated postcard, Collection of Bill HakkarinenApr 11, 2005
Peninsula "400" Green Bay, WI1074 views"The Peninsula 400" is viewed crossing the Fox River at Green Bay, WI in June of 1954. The train consists of ten cars and is powered by two diesel-electric locomotives that produce 4,000 Horsepower. Photo courtesy C&NW Transportation Company. Undated postcard Collection of Bill HakkarinenApr 11, 2005
Negaunee, MI No. 162 "The Iron Country"2297 viewsIt is a warm August evening in 1960. The Iron Country loads mail, express, and a few passengers at Negaunee, MI. This is the first stop on the run from Ishpeming, MI to Chicago. Consist behind the E-unit included 3 RPO-baggage-express cars, an ex-400 coach, and one of the all-room sleepers. Locals called #162 the "Milk Train" for its leisurly overnight journey. Photo by Bill HakkarinenApr 11, 2005
Negaunee, MI No. 162 "The Iron Country"1824 viewsThe Iron Country, train #162, makes its evening call at Negaunee on a warm summer evening, August 1960. This is the first stop on the overnight run from Ishpeming to Chicago. The train still carried a sleeper. Bill Hakkarinen photo.Apr 10, 2005
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