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Bridge Manitowoc, WI1846 viewsPRGBA, with 6911 and 6935, are heading for North Green Bay over the Manitowoc River Bridge. Bob Baker photo, 12-10-1987.Jan 01, 2006
No. 400 Last "Twin Cities 400" Milwaukee, WI3079 viewsThe parlor-observation car leans into the curve as No. 400 picks up speed leaving the Milwaukee Depot. Bob Ferge photo, 7-23-1963. Bob Baker collection.

Apr 26, 2005
No. 400 Last "Twin Cities 400" Milwaukee, WI2711 viewsA pair of EMD E7ís pull the last 400 out of Milwaukee. The Third Ward Yard is ahead and then the Milwaukee River Bridge. Bob Ferge photo, 7-23-1963. Bob Baker collection.Apr 26, 2005
No. 400 Last "Twin Cities 400" Milwaukee, WI3176 viewsThe Adams engine crew is relieved by the Milwaukee engine crew who will take the final Twin Cities 400 to Chicago. Bob Ferge photo, 7-23-1963 Bob Baker collection.Apr 26, 2005
SD40 869 Campbellsport, WI1389 viewsProviso to North Fond du Lac freight, No. 295, is westbound near Campbellsport with a SD40/SD45/GP7 engine consist. Bob Baker photo, 5-13-1982.Mar 20, 2005
SD9 6610 Carroll, IA1251 viewsA pair of SD9ís and a caboose assigned to the local wayfreight are parked at Carroll. In front of the units are the train order signal and the train order hoop stand. Bob Baker photo, 5-1981.Mar 20, 2005
GP7 4314 Racine-Kenosha Counties, WI1398 viewsThe Butler-Waukegan Turn is eastbound on the Old Line at Highway KR, the Racine/Kenosha County Line. The 4314 was built in 1951 as passenger equipped GP7 1521. Bob Baker photo, 6-1981.Mar 20, 2005
Business Train 419 New line2987 viewsA business train pulled by a pair of F7ís is eastbound at Highway 38 on the New Line, west of the City of Racine. Bob Baker photo, 4-1981.Mar 18, 2005
GP7 4377 North Fond du Lac, WI1477 viewsThe westbound Ripon Turn is crossing Highway 41 after departing North Fond du Lac and then crossing the SOO Line at Marshline. Bob Baker photo, 5-1982.Mar 18, 2005
SD40 894 Butler, WI1626 viewsProviso to North Green Bay train, No. 183, is making a pickup out of the north yard at Butler. Bob Baker photo, 5-1980.Mar 18, 2005
GP7 4377 Eldorado, WI1413 viewsThe westbound North Fond du Lac to Ripon Turn is at Eldorado. Bob Baker photo, 5-1982.Mar 18, 2005
Tower Shawano, WI1988 viewsThe caboose of the westbound Shawano Turn is passing the abandoned Shawano Tower at the SOO Line crossing. Bob Baker photo, 5-1982.Mar 18, 2005
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