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Diesel Shop Butler, WI 1385978 viewsAfter the Butler Railroad Days weekend in, I believe July 1982, FRA inspector Jack Swaggert found serious defects on the locomotive and tender. This photo shows the 1385 without the tender. It had a serious train- line (brake pipe) leaks and defects to brake rigging and the Engineer side driver rod. The Division Manager, Ron Kless , had asked for "volunteers" to work on it, I almost dislocated my elbow to do so. It was the only time I was able to work on steam locomotive. Photo by D.Coleman
Diesel Shop Butler, WI 1385820 viewsThe tender had a very serious side bearing defect. It was worked on by the car department employees. I do not know the names of the workers. The photo shows the rear truck out and repairs were in progress. The front truck had to be removed for the same repairs. Photo taken in July 1982 by D. Coleman
Diesel Shop Butler, WI R-1 1385945 viewsAfter repairs were completed FRA inspector Jack Swaggert had ordered that he had to inspect the repairs before locomotive could be released. Jack is the one on the far right of photo. All was well and the locomotive was released for service. Photo taken July 1982 by D.Coleman
R-1 1385 Boone, IA3498 viewsR-1 1385 leads a F-7 and bi-level coaches over the Kate Shelly bridge. Jim Sands photo.
R-1 1385 Butler, WI713 viewsThis photo was taken while working third shift. It was the first time the 1385 arrived on the Butler ramp. The photo was taken with available light while holding the shutter open. The look of it reminded me of the brass model trains and was an accident that it turned out that way. I believe the photo was taken in the spring of 1981. Photo by D.Coleman
CNW 4-6-0 #1385 Cedar Rapids, Ia. Sept. 1982.jpg
R-1 1385 Cedar Rapids, IA2876 viewsC&NW's 1907 built 4-6-0 steamer #1385 has an excursion train in tow as it arrives Cedar Rapids, Ia. in September of 1982. Photo by R J Williams
R-1 1385 Iron River, MI3647 viewsR-1 1385 is in revenue service loading ore at Iron River, MI. Bob Peterman photo, 1953. Bob Baker collection.
R-1 1385 Kenosha, WI2639 viewsClass R-1 1385 is eastbound on the Old Line Sub just south of Kenosha, WI. Mike Patrick photo, 8-18-1985

R-1 1385 North Green Bay, WI3014 viewsC&NW #1385 being fired up in the early morning of 5/16/1982 at NGB during the C&NWHS Convention at Green Bay, WI... And in addition to participation with this gathering the Class R1 would be leading the "Prosperity Special" train as it departed for the National Transportation Week celebration... Photo by John F. Campbell..
Steam Special at St Francis Tower 19821325 viewsPersistant fog & drizzle couldn't prevent a steady stream of familes from coming & going to view a special train (The" Prosperity Special") headed up by C&NW Class R1 #1385 steam locomotive which operated for National Transportation Week on 5/22/1982... Photo from the St. Francis Tower (WI) by John F. Campbell...
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