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A LIONEL "400"646 viewsA 2-car LIONEL "400" )O-gauge) rolls down the main line on the former Dallas (PA) Penn Station layout. Re-paint, photo, and submission by Bill Hakkarinen.
AC4400CW 8801 Boone, IA1369 viewsAC4400CW 8801 with mismatched numberboards at Boone, IA in April, 2002.
AC4400CW 8809 Des Moines, IA977 viewsAC4400CW 8809 at Des Moines, IA in June, 2002.
AC4400CW 8824 Proviso, IL2282 views8824, 8827, 8808, 8810, 8823 have just been delivered to Proviso Yard on a NS transfer. They sit east of the diesel ramp, waiting to be set up, so they can enter service. Obviously GE did not deliver units out of the factory in numerical order. Joe Piersen photo, 12-22-1994.
CNW 8828 EB Dement br~1.jpg
AC4400CW 8828 Rochelle, IL2613 viewsCNW #8828 led a Sheboygan coal train eastbound through Rochelle on May 16, 2004. Photo taken from Dement Road bridge on May 16, 2004. Jerry Krug photo.
CNW 8829 Roster Shot.jpg
AC4400CW 8829 North Green Bay,WI2771 viewsGE 8829 brought in special for the 2003 CNWHS Annual Meet at Green Bay, WI. Chris Keating photo, May 17, 2003
AC4400CW 8830 Butler, WI2534 viewsAC4400CW 8830 and trailing unit 8706 are spotted on the fuel pad at the Butler Diesel Ramp. Jim H. Yanke photo, 7-5-1995.

AC4400CW 8833 Butler, WI2501 viewsGeneral Electric AC4400CW 8833 is the last locomotive delivered to the C&NW. It was built in December of 1994. The last numbered unit is the 8835. Photographed at Butler by Jim H. Yanke, 6-29-99.
AC4400CW 8835 Butler, WI2043 viewsGeneral Electric AC4400CW 8835 was the last numbered unit received by the C&NW. It was built in December, 1994. There were 35 AC4400CW's purchased by the C&NW, 8801 through 8835. Photographed at Butler, WI by Jim H. Yanke, 6-25-2001
AC4400CW UP 6718 Sioux City, IA658 viewsFormer C&NW 8816 leads a U.P. freight northbound out of Sioux City,Iowa on the joint CN/UP ( I.C./CStPM&O ) tracks 05/30/10. A partially obliterated "North Western" herald is still visible on the front. Photo by Patrick Cunningham.
AC4400CW UP6713 Woodridge, MO.1068 viewsA ex C&NW #8811, AC4400CW renumbered into the UP system, but still wearing the old colors. Photo taken at Woodridge MO. May1, 05 by Don Vaughn
Advertisement Bi-Level "400's"744 viewsExtolling the virtues of the new Bi-Level trains, this ad was published as a stand-alone brochure, and was also featured in the October 26, 1958 Passenger time table. (shown here)

Submitted by Bill Hakkarinen
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