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Air Dump CNW 11883 Powers, MI1069 viewsAir dump car, build by Magor Car Co. in December 1965. Dick Talbott photo, 5-19-1980.
Airslide Covered Hopper CNW 69795 Marshalltown, IA1611 views70 ton airslide covered hopper built by GATC in 1966. Repainted at Clintion June 1982 Dick Talbott photo, 6-22-1982
AS-416ms 1489 Milwaukee, WI3691 viewsRebuilt Baldwin 1497, still in ex-MKT paint, leads a FM and another rebuilt Baldwin with an eastbound train between Chase and St. Francis, WI. Bob Bullermann photo, 9-1973.
Baldwin 5000A1126 viewsBaldwin 5000A is on my under construction layout. 5000A was made from 2 old AHM E8/9s, with stretched P2K chassis. All detail from the E8s was removed and new added. It turned out better than I hoped for. Photo by Al Erdmann
Box Car CNW 1432 Boone, IA1266 views40' PS-1 box car, built April, 1954. Left side reads "Route of the 400 Streamliners", at Boone, IA.
Dick Talbott photo, 5-18-1981
Box Car CNW 1432 Boone, IA1283 views40' PS-1 box car, built April, 1954. The right side reads "The Overland Route". Dick Talbott photo, 5-18-1981
CNW 143456.jpg
Box Car CNW 1434561364 viewsCNW box car #143456 in Minnesota. Photo collection of Ron Christensen
Box Car CNW 154872 Clinton, IA1109 views50' box car with 10' doors, built by ACF 1967. Dick Talbott photo, 5-16-1980
Box Car CNW 164007 Clinton, IA1020 views50' plug door box car car, built June 1967. Dick Talbott photo, 8-16-1983
CNW 164077x.jpg
Box Car CNW 164077 Clinton, IA885 viewsCNW box car # 164077, photo taken at Clinton Iowa. Photo by Ron Christensen
Box Car CNW 19781 Baraboo, WI947 views36' insulated box car with 6' plug doors, rebuilt steel ends, Andrews trucks, date Dec, 1937. the car was photographed at the old C&NW car shops, now the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, WI. Dick Talbott photo, 5-23-1988
Box Car CNW 32934 Albert Lea, MN757 views50' plug door box car car, built Oct. 1964. repainted in yellow at Clinton April, 1984. Dick Talbott photo, 5-23-1984
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