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C&NW NGB Waycar Service1864 viewsEx CMStP&O (Omaha) Caboose 6070 converted by C&NW to a Lineside Building for servicing Caboose Cars (Way Cars) at North Green Bay, WI during 9/1980... Photo by John F. Campbell...
Cab View-Chicago1777 viewsA view of the Western Ave Interlocking in Chicago, looking west, from the cab of scoot engine on its way to the California Coach yard. Jim H. Yanke photo, 10-31-1985.
Cab View-Chicago1667 viewsView from cab of E-8 locomotive en route to California Coach Yard near Western Ave. Two C&NW business cars are being shoved to the depot. On far left is a Milwaukee Road commuter train. Jim H. Yanke photo, 7-1974.
Cab View-New Line Sub Milwaukee1443 viewsView from locomotive cab of northbound train headed for Butler, WI, meeting a southbound while passing over I-94, Milwaukee. Photo by Jim H. Yanke, 3-7-1987.
Cab View-Rogers Park, IL1475 viewsView from cab car of a Chicago bound scoot going down the center track passing a west bound on the right and another eastbound on the left. The center track was designated for inbound expresses in the morning and outbound expresses in the evening. Bob Baker photo, 5-1972.
Cab View-Tower KO, Lk. Forest, IL1463 viewsView from locomotive cab of northbound train approaching Tower KO on New Line Sub. Signal indicates train is taking diverging route to Lake Bluff, IL. Photo taken 5-14-1985 by Jim H. Yanke.
Caboose CGW 10506 Kenosha, WI1398 viewsOriginally CGW #608 built by Pullman Standard in 1956. It was renumbered 2-20-74, the windows were blanked out by the C&NW. Dick Talbott photo, 5-17-1980
Caboose CGW 10519 Proviso, IL1421 viewsFormer CGW caboose #10519 at Proviso in wrecker service photographed on 9-6-87. Mike Guss photo
Caboose CGW 10534 Butler, WI1664 viewsCGW Caboose 10534 was formerly CGW 635. The C&NW rebuilt and painted the caboose in 1973. This photo taken by Jim H. Yanke at Butler, WI, 2-2-2000.
Caboose CGW 10538 Milwaukee, WI1290 viewsC&NW/CGW Caboose #10538... ex CGW #639... Built by Thrall 1963... At Milwaukee, WI during 9/1979... John F. Campbell Photo...
Caboose CGWX 261510 Chicago, IL593 viewsCGW cupola caboose converted to MOW service. Photo at Keeler Ave. (Chicago) on September 13, 2004 by Jerry Krug.
Caboose CNW 10325 Butler, WI1687 viewsCaboose #10325 photographed at Butler, WI during January, 1970. Mike Guss collection
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