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CNW 8832 crew change Clinton 053103.jpg
AC4400CW 8832 Clinton, IA2388 views#8832, pulling empty coal hoppers from Sommer, IL back to Wyoming, waits while its new crew gets ready to depart. Taken from the bridge over the yard office at Clinton, IA by Jerry Krug on May 31, 2003.
Box Car CNW 32659 Butler, WI1035 viewsRBL Box Car #32659 Built by GATX with 100 Ton Trucks 11/1965 (C&NW 32616 - 32702 series) and Refurbished at the Clinton Car Shops during 9/1979 was found in Butler Yard during 10/1979... Photo by John F. Campbell...
CNW Boxcars Clinton, ia..jpg
Box Car CNW 520000 series, Clinton, Ia.925 viewsC&NW 520000 series boxcars on a train heading west at Clinton, Iowa on 11-6-95. Photo by R J Williams
CNW Boxcar #520009 Clinton, Iowa.jpg
Box Car CNW 520009 Clinton, Iowa939 viewsC&NW Boxcar #520009 at Clinton, Iowa on it's way west on 11-6-95 Photo by R J Williams
Bridge Clinton, IA1167 viewsC&NW bridge over the Mississippi River at Clinton. Collection of Jim H. Yanke

C&NW 8507.jpg
C40-8 8507 East Clinton, Illinois1945 viewsC&NW C40-8 #8507 heads up a westbound hopper train past hiway route #84 in East Clinton, Illinois on 10-12-96. Photo by R J Williams
C&NW 8551.jpg
C42-8 8551 Clinton, Iowa1601 viewsC&NW C-42-8 #8551 (in operation lifesaver paint) leads eastbound coal train CRMRW by the Fifth St. interlocking plant in Clinton, Iowa on 8-31-96. Photo by R J Williams
CNW #8567 8575 Mr Peanut Clinton 1.JPG
C42-8 8567 & 8575 Clinton, IA1667 viewsOn May 4, 2004, two of the few remaining CNW engines were assigned to the same train QNPEL. The engines were caught stopped in front of Mr. Peanut in Clinton, IA during a crew change. Note missing cab decal on #8567. Photo by Jerry Krug.
C&NW 8616 Clinton, Ia..jpg
C44-9W 8616 Clinton, IA1490 viewsAn eastbound train led by GE C44-9 #8616 has just changed crews in front of the yard office at Clinton, Iowa and is struggling a bit at first to get rolling eastward. Photo taken on 7-27-95 by R J Williams.
C&NW 8657.jpg
C44-9W 8657 Clinton, IA1369 viewsC&NW hotshot train SCCST throttles up eastward from a quick crew change in Clinton, Iowa on it's run to Canal St. in Chicago on 8-31-96. Photo by R J Williams
C&NW 8666  Clinton, Ia..jpg
C44-9W 8666 Clinton, IA1551 viewsJuly 17th of 1995 finds C&NW C-44 Dash 9 #8666 on the point of hotshot train LALC-7 about to cross the Mississippi River bridge at Clinton, IA into Illinois for it's final leg of the journey from LA to Chicago. Photo by R J Williams
C&NW 8676.jpg
C44-9W 8676 Clinton, IA1215 viewsA trio of General Electric C44-9's provides the muscle for eastbound hotshot train PDCSZ leaving Clinton, Iowa on 7-28-96. Photo by R J Williams
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