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Business Train Clinton, IA2501 viewsA “board of directors special” is coming into Clinton, IA pulled by an E7. The coach behind the unit is an ex-C&O car. Armstrong photo, 10-3-1957. C&NW Historical Society Archives Collection.
Chicago Diesel Shop Building M19-A2040 viewsThree E6’s and two E7’s are idling or being serviced on the east side of the diesel repair shop. C&NW Public Relations Department photo. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.

Chicago Diesel Shop Building M19-A2206 viewsOne of the two V-12 engines is being installed into E7 5008A after repairs were made. C&NW Public Relations Department photo. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.

E7 5016A Milwaukee, WI2626 viewsThis photo of E7 5017A was taken at the Milwaukee Road diesel servicing facilities in Milwaukee, WI. At this time the C&NW was using the new Milwaukee Road Station in Milwaukee after vacating the C&NW Lakefront Station. The C&NW purchased 25 E7's between 1945 thru 1949. Photo taken by Arnie Burchardt, September, 1966. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
No. 1 "Kate Shelly 400" Elmhurst, IL2649 viewsTrain No. 1, Kate Shelly 400, pulled by E7 5013A passes through Elmhurst in 3-1961. Dick Schultz photo, C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.
No. 106 "City of Portland" Cortland, IL1564 viewsEastbound “City of Portland” at Cortland, IL. E7 5008A is painted in the Union Pacific color scheme. L.E. Griffith photo, 11-20-1947. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.
No. 147X Milwaukee, WI3252 viewsNo. 147X, with E7 5018B, has just arrived from Chicago and will terminate at the lakefront station in Milwaukee. Tom Hoffmann photo, 1-28-1966.
No. 160 "400 Streamliner" Milwaukee, WI2663 viewsNo. 160, pulled by E7 5017B, has just passed Tower BA and will soon pass St. Francis Tower on its way to Chicago. Tom Hoffmann photo, 8-29-1966.
No. 206 "Green Bay 400" Milwaukee, WI2848 viewsNo. 206, with E7 5019A, is ready to depart the C&NW’s Milwaukee lakefront station for Chicago. Tom Hoffmann photo, 1-28-1966.
No. 519 "Dakota 400" Madison, WI2867 viewsNo. 519 a Chicago to Rapid City, SD train pulled by a pair of E7’s, is approaching the Madison station. John Gruber photo, 1-1956. Submitted by J. H. Yanke.
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