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C&NW "Blue Ox"1664 viewsC&NW's "Blue Ox" Russell Snow Plow #262763 had been acquired from the ROCK and assigned to Escanaba, MI still in its late "blue" ROCK paint, but was eventually repainted into the C&NW "safety yellow" scheme... Seen here at Escanaba during 5/1981... Photo by John F. Campbell...
C425 404 Escanba, MI2254 viewsC&NW ALCO C425 #404 was repainted at Huron, SD during 11/1980 and transfered, along with its siblings, to Escanaba, MI in the Spring of 198... and was found at the Escanaba Roundhouse area on 8/9/1981... Less than a year later this unit became #4258... Photo by John F. Campbell...
Coal tower Escanaba 073004.jpg
Coal tower Escanaba, MI2027 viewsA visit to Escanaba, MI on July 30, 2004 yielded a special treat. The C&NW coal tower remains standing near the ore docks. Jerry Krug photo.
Depot Escanaba, MI.1711 viewsC&NW Brick and stone depot in Escanaba, MI. Dick Talbott photo, 9-20-1972

Diesel Sanding Tower at Escanaba1158 viewsA pair of ALCO Century C-425's occupy the Diesel Sanding Tower track at Escanaba, MI on 6/11/1983... John F. Campbell Photo...
Escanaba, MI2057 viewsAlco DL 109 5007A is at Escanaba with a 400 display train on January 10, 1942. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.

H16-66 1676 1670 Escanba, MI1389 viewsFM H16-66 units, 1676 and 1670 are near the ore dumper in the Escanaba Ore Yard. Mike Patrick photo, 10-1972.
H16-66 1903 Escanaba, MI1537 viewsTwo FM H16-66 units are westbound back to the mines with ore empties at Escanaba, MI. D. Ingles photo, 7-17-1969. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
Iron Ore Dumper Escanaba, MI1322 viewsC&NW Iron Ore Dumper facilities at Escanaba, MI on 5/16/1984... CN/WC has recently installed a Bottom Dumper in the open space between the two structures in this view and began using this feature 1/2005... Photo by John F. Campbell...
CNW 112308 Escanaba 073004.jpg
Ore Jenny CNW 112308 Escanaba, MI1056 viewsTwo strings of CNW ore cars were found in Escanaba, MI at the late date of July 30, 2004. Here is a typical example. Photo by Jerry Krug
Roundhouse Escanaba, MI2112 viewsView across the C&NW Escanaba, MI Turntable towards stalls 12 through 18 of the historic Roundhouse sitting on grounds dating back to the end of America's Civil War when the "Ore Division" was known as the "Peninsula RR"... Photo taken during 5/1980 by John F. Campbell...
RS36 405 Escanaba, MI1869 viewsThe C&NW lone ALCO RS-36 #405 recently arrived at Escanaba, MI with a relatively fresh Huron, SD paint job shown on 5/25/1981... Originally #904 (b/n 84113, b/d 8/1962) was renumbered #405 in 1966 and would be renumbered again to 4259 in 1982... Photo by John F. Campbell...
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