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GP38-2 4600 Butler, WI1412 viewsGP38-2 4600 was built by EMD, November, 1979. Photographed at Butler, WI by Jim H. Yanke, 5-25-2000.
GP38-2 4612 Minneapolis, MN1289 viewsGP38-2 4612 at Harrison Street, Minneapolis, MN on 2-16-88. Mike Guss photo
CNW 4612 Oelwein 050804 100_6099.jpg
GP38-2 4612 Oelwein, IA982 viewsCNW 4612 was one of 14 GP38-2 engines stored at Oelwein, IA after its lease expired. Jerry Krug photo, May 8, 2004
GP38-2 4619 Minneapolis, MN1130 viewsGP38-2 4619 at Harrison Street, Minneapolis, MN on 2-16-88. Mike Guss photo
CNW 4624 Oelwein 062803.jpg
GP38-2 4624 Oelwein, IA1094 viewsCNW #4624 in a version of "safety" yellow, waits at Oelwein on June 28, 2003. The units numbered from 4612-4625 were returned to lessor in 2000. Eventually they were towed to Oelwein for storage. While owned by the CNW, this unit was repainted by the Transco shops in Oelwein. Jerry Krug photo.
GP38-2 4697 Des Moines, IA1219 viewsPhoto taken in Des Moines June, 1999.
GP38-2 4704 St. Paul, MN1187 views4704, 6646 and 4709 line up at the former CGW Belt Yard in St. Paul, MN on 8-5-92. Mike Guss photo
C&NW 4705 and 8014.jpg
GP38-2 4705 Clinton, Iowa1148 viewsC&NW GP38-2 #4705 switches the West Yard at Clinton, Iowa while SD60 #8014 changes crews before it's trip eastward to Proviso on 7-13-96. Photo by R J Williams
NREX 3885 ex CNW 4617 Freeport 072604.jpg
GP38-2 NREX 3885 Freeport ,IL1210 viewsIn 2004, NREX purchased 12 GP38-2 engines that had been stored in Oelwein since coming off lease in 2000. Ex-CNW 4617 is shown patched to NREX 3885. It was caught in transit on the CN (ex-IC) at Freeport, IL on July 26, 2004 en route to the Chicago, Fort Wayne and Eastern Railroad. Photo by Jerry Krug
GP38-2 #4707601 viewsCharles Kuehn's CNW model of GP38-2 #4707. This is a Proto 2000 model, repainted with detail added.
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