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Diesel Shop Butler, WI1013 viewsPhoto was taken for the retirement of Art Enders who was well respected in the Motive Power Department. We used the 4311 because of its history. It was the first GP7 built and Art was the person who had told me about that. In the step well is Riley Wilson. From left to right, D.Coleman, Bill Hansen, John Koranek, Dave Winters and on the nose, Jim Wallenburg. Photo taken in '79 or '80 by Dennis Coleman.
Diesel Service Tracks at Chadron, Ne. on 8-11-85 Photo by RJW.jpg
GP35 849, GP7 4104, GP35 847, GP35 8511768 viewsDiesel Service Tracks at Chadron, NE. on 8-11-85
Photo by R. J. Williams
Going away shot of PRBFA at Buffalo Gap, SD on 8-13-85 Photo by RJW.jpg
GP35 850 Buffalo Gap, SD1365 viewsGoing away shot of PRBFA at Buffalo Gap, SD on 8-13-85
Photo by R. J. Williams
GP7 120 Proviso, IL1684 viewsThe merger of the CGW netted the C&NW only two GP7's (120-121). Both of them were operated for a very short time in yellow and green with their original numbers before being rebuilt and renumbered in the 4337-4338 series. 120 photographed at Proviso Yard by George Horna on 8-3-71, Mike Guss collection
GP7 120 Rockford, IL2012 viewsEx-CGW 120, a GP7 built in 1951, pulls a train through Rockford, IL. Mike Schafer photo, 3-1970. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
GP-7 #1518 Clinton, Ia..jpg
GP7 1518 Clinton, IA. June 19871525 viewsGP7 #1518 is painted up in this very attractive CNW scheme, though no longer owned by the CNW at this date. It is, however, plying CNW rails once again at Clinton, Iowa, as it moves eastward on train KSPRA back to it's home in Union, Illinois. The engine is returning from being on display in Council Bluffs, Ia. the site of the 1987 Historical Society meet. Photo taken 6-16-87 by R J Williams
GP7 1518 Council Bluffs, IA1838 viewsGP- 1518 was the first GP7 built in 1949. It was EMD demonstrator 100. The 1519 and 1520 were also demonstrators. The C&NW rebuilt the 1518 and renumbered it to 4311. The nose was chopped. Later the C&NW restored the unit to it's original look and donated it to the Illinois Railroad Museum. Photo taken by Jim H. Yanke at Council Bluffs, IA, 5-15-87.
GP7 1519 Milwaukee, WI706 viewsOne of the original EMD GP7 demonstrators at Mitchell Yard in Milwaukee. Photo taken by Bob Ferge in February 1972. The EMD number was 200 before being purchased by the C&NW in 1950. J. D. Ingles collection. Submitted by J. H. Yanke.
GP7 1520 West Bend, WI1498 viewsGP7 1520, one of the first 3 GP7's built, is eastbound at West Bend, WI with the Eden Turn. Bob Bullermann photo, 2-1973
GP7 1525 1581 Racine, WI1971 viewsThe two GP7's pictured here are freight engines that do not have steam generators. The 1500 horsepower unit, 1525 was built in March,1951. The photo was taken at Racine Junction, WI, in November, 1953. The C&NW rebuilt the 1525 in October, 1973, and renumbered it 4328. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
GP7 1532 Proviso, IL1370 viewsGP7 1532 and a BU slug work the hump at Proviso, 10-1967. Dick Schultz photo, C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.
GP7 1538 Tracy, MN959 viewsGP7 #1538 at Tracy, MN on 9-1-79. Except for not having the V-stripes, this unit had retained its as-built appearance for 28 years. The 1538 would enter Oelwein's rebuild program one year from when this photo was taken and emerge as #4297. Mike Guss photo
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