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H16-66 150 Proviso, IL1070 viewsCMO H16-66 #150, This was one of six H16-66's assigned to the CStPM&O (#'s 150, 168-172), this one was built Feb 1951, retired in 1971. It would be considered a "Phase I" H-16-66. Photo by Chuck Zeiler, Proviso, Illinois, Feb 14, 1965
H16-66 1674 North Fond du Lac, WI1299 viewsFM H16-66 1674 is on the point of an eastward train that has just arrived from Green Bay. Fran Wiener photo, February, 1975. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
H16-66 1676 1670 Escanba, MI1328 viewsFM H16-66 units, 1676 and 1670 are near the ore dumper in the Escanaba Ore Yard. Mike Patrick photo, 10-1972.
H16-66 1683 Chicago, IL1184 views1683, a Fairbanks Morse H16-66 sits amongst the coaling towers at C&NW's 40th Street yard in Chicago. This photo was taken in August 1974. Photo and scan by Mike Barton.

H16-66 1693 Bain, WI1541 viewsFairbanks Morse H16-66 1693 and three other FM's pull an eastbound train near the KD Jct at Bain, WI, Mike Patrick Photo 4-1965
H16-66 1903 Escanaba, MI1481 viewsTwo FM H16-66 units are westbound back to the mines with ore empties at Escanaba, MI. D. Ingles photo, 7-17-1969. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
H16-66 1903 Jefferson, WI1258 viewsFM H16-66 1903 is eastbound at Jefferson, WI with the North Fond du Lac to Janesville wayfreight in March, 1966. The “tell-tales” over the engine warned brakemen riding the tops of cars that an obstruction or low clearance was coming up soon. Bob Bullermann photo.
H16-66 1905 West Allis, WI1367 viewsAn eastbound train with three FM H16-66 units is passing by the West Allis Station. J. D. Ingles photo, 7-14-1973.
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