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AS-416ms 1489 Milwaukee, WI3800 viewsRebuilt Baldwin 1497, still in ex-MKT paint, leads a FM and another rebuilt Baldwin with an eastbound train between Chase and St. Francis, WI. Bob Bullermann photo, 9-1973.
Barrington, IL2128 viewsA 1930’s view in Barrington. Notice the C&NW herald on the wig-wag signal. Stecher photo, C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.

Barrington, IL2804 viewsA 1930’s view in downtown Barrington. Stecher photo, C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.
Berryville991 viewsLoading onions at Berryville.
Photo taken on Keith Kohlmann's N gauge layout.
Berryville1161 viewsEast bound extra 1696 at Berryville depot.
Photo taken on Keith Kohlmann's N gauge layout.
Berryville Road1388 viewsEast bound extra 1696 at Berryville Rd.
Photo taken on Keith Kohlmann's N gauge layout.
Black Hills, SD1422 viewsPassenger train to Lead SD.
Collection of Ron Christensen
Booklet784 viewsPicturesque Milwaukee And Its Nearby Fishing, Hunting And Summer Resorts. North-Western Series No. 9 booklet printed in 1900. Descriptions of cities between Chicago and Milwaukee. Photos of Milwaukee. Descriptions of towns and resorts north of Milwaukee. Collection of Mike Patrick.
Box Car CNW 91235 Janesville, WI509 viewsDespite years of UP ownership, this auto parts box car appears unaltered from C&NW days at Janesville, WI on June 4, 2009. Photo by Jerry Krug.
Bridge St. Charles, IL CGW1373 viewsCGW steel pier deck plate bridge over the Fox River, St Charles, IL. Photo by Dick Talbott, July 1983.
Bridge - Kinnickinnic River Milwaukee, WI1697 viewsThe Wisconsin Division’s Kinnickinnic River Bridge, on Milwaukee’s south side, was built in 1898 and is the oldest swing bridge in Wisconsin. The bridge operator controlled interlocking switches on both sides of the river. Jim H. Yanke photo, 9-27-1989
Bridge - Kinnickinnic River Milwaukee, WI1718 viewsThis photo of the Kinnickinnic River Bridge, referred to as the K.K. River Bridge, is on the main line between Milwaukee and St. Francis, WI. There was also a Madison Division K.K. Bridge a few blocks to the west of here. Jim Yanke photo, 7-22-1986.
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