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Business Car 402 Duluth, MN2920 viewsBusiness car 402 was purchased by the C&NW from the Penn Central in 1974. In 1985 it was named “Iowa.” Car was privately owned when photographed at Duluth, MN by Jim H. Yanke, 8-9-1992.
Business Car Iowa Duluth, MN2768 viewsBusiness car 402, later named Iowa, is at Duluth, MN. Originally built in 1930 as a baggage-club car for the New York Central. Photo by Jim H. Yanke, Aug. 9, 1992
C&NW 8551.jpg
C42-8 8551 Clinton, Iowa1642 viewsC&NW C-42-8 #8551 (in operation lifesaver paint) leads eastbound coal train CRMRW by the Fifth St. interlocking plant in Clinton, Iowa on 8-31-96. Photo by R J Williams
C&NW 8575.jpg
C42-8 8575 Bertram, IA1642 viewsIt's Fall in Iowa and the grain must move! GE C42-8 #8575 is called upon to lead the golden harvest eastward through the picturesque curve near Bertram, Iowa on 10-8-96. Photo by R J Williams
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C44-9W 8657 Clinton, IA1411 viewsC&NW hotshot train SCCST throttles up eastward from a quick crew change in Clinton, Iowa on it's run to Canal St. in Chicago on 8-31-96. Photo by R J Williams
C&NW 8676.jpg
C44-9W 8676 Clinton, IA1250 viewsA trio of General Electric C44-9's provides the muscle for eastbound hotshot train PDCSZ leaving Clinton, Iowa on 7-28-96. Photo by R J Williams
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C44-9W 8709 Bertram, IA1435 viewsC40-8 #8709 leads very hot train PDCSZ around the curve at Bertram, Iowa on 10-8-96. This Portland to Chicago train only has one more stop prior to it's final destination in Chicago, and that's a crew change 74 miles to the east in Clinton, Iowa. Photo by R J Williams
Coach 3072993 viewsPullman sleeper Iowa River was restyled into coach 307 in the 1950’s. Photo taken at Council Bluffs, IA in 3-1956. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
Conference Car Lake Iowa Milwaukee, WI2571 viewsConference car Lake Iowa after coming out of Northern Rail Car Company. Car was formally DRGW CZ coach, Silver Aspen. Photo taken at Mitchell Yard by Jim H. Yanke, 9-25-86.
Depot Ames, Iowa981 viewsThe depot at Ames, Iowa. Post card sent form Ames July 1, 1910. Collection Ron Christensen
Depot Britt, Iowa906 viewsThe Britt M&StL wood frame depot was on the Ft Dodge- Albert Lea line. Dick Talbott photo 10-24-79.
Depot Council Bluffs, IA1817 viewsAs seen in the late 1920's or early '30s, this is the CNW depot that was so well known in Council BLuffs, IA. Submitted by D. V. Chevalier.
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