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CMO K-1 84579 viewsThe "Omaha" rostered 26 K-1's which were somewhat more powerful than the C&NW R-1 because the cylinder bore was 23" rather than 21". Although they operated with only 185 lbs. of boiler pressure rather than 200, the larger cylinders still produced about 2,500 more tractive force than the R-1's. CStPM&O 184 was built by Schenectady in 1913. Place, date and photographer unknown. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
M&StL K-1 502 Chicago, IL673 viewsRobert Graham found Pacific 502 in Chicago on September 25, 1949. Although all five of the 4-6-2's built by Brooks in 1921 were retired by 1939, No. 502 was not reported scrapped until September 1949. Was she at the Chicago Railroad Fair? Her fine condition with rods on does not suggest scrapping is imminent. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
M&StL K-1 502 St.Paul, MN594 viewsIn January 1921 Brooks built twenty steam locomotives for the M&St.L. Fifteen were Mikados and five Pacifics. Construction numbers were consecutive from 2-8-2 No. 620 to 4-6-2 No. 504. They were the last steam locomotives built for the M&StL. A Robert Graham photo at St. Paul on August 8, 1937.
M&StL K-1 503 St.Paul, MN560 viewsK-1 503 looks superb on August 14, 1935 in a Robert Graham portrait in St. Paul. The Pacific was one of five built by Brooks in 1921 that were to have a relatively short life: all were out of service by 1939. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
M&StL K-1 504 St. Paul, MN557 viewsPacific 504 was the last steam locomotive built for the M&StL. All five of the 1921 Brook's 4-6-2's were retired in 1938 and 1939 leaving passenger service to four
4-6-0's built in 1909. A Robert Graham photo taken May 3, 1931 in St. Paul. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
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