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Boxcar M&StL X1200 in MOW service1030 viewsIs this the last M&StL box car in green? The picture was taken in Eagle Grove, IA in maintenence of way service, 10/10/93. The grafetti was removed, photo by Ron Christensen
Bulkhead Flat Car M&StL 16229 North Green Bay, WI1484 viewsC&NW/M&StL Bulkhead Flat Car #16229 (16202 - 16229 series) Built 6/1959 (IL 48' 6" & 53' 9" over the sills)... Many of the ex M&StL Flat Car varieties were not patched MWM, but most often seen in MoW or non-revenue service... Such as this car with its prime mover load at North Green Bay, WI during 4/1981... John F. Campbell Photo...
Bunk Car M&StL952 viewsThe end of the line for the old bunk car from the M&StL, Oct 1982 , Dick Talbott collection.
Caboose M&StL #1112426 viewsThe caboose was made from a AMB kit, with scratch built brake rigging, grab irons, and end railings.
Model made by Ron Christnsen.
Frist place in the caboose catagory at the 2007 meet in Huron, SD.
Covered Hopper M&StL 70247 Oshkosh, WI758 viewsM&StL/C&NW Covered Hopper #70247 was Built by PS in 1955 and refurbished with a "green" paint scheme by the Clinton Car Shops during 3/1978... This Cement Service car was photographed at Oshkosh, WI on 11/7/1982 by John F. Campbell..
Enginehouse Peoria, IL945 viewsMinneapolis and St. Louis enginehouse at Peoria.
Vaughn Ward collection
M&SL .jpg
M&StL 457 Mason City, IA2317 viewsRefinished M&StL steam engine No 457 in the park at Mason City. No 457 was built 12-1912. The locomotive was last used by a sugar beet processor. Photo by T.J. Van Horn submitted by Dennis Holmes
M&STL FT 445876 viewsABA EMD FT units, Circa 1945. Collection of Geen Green
M&STL FT 445912 viewsABA EMD FT units, Circa 1945. Collection of Geen Green
Peoria Model M&StL icehouse663 viewsModel of the Peoria Ice house. scratch built model by Ron Christensen
Pile Driver M&StL X-601011 viewsUndated picture of Pile Driver M&StL X-60 . Collection of Ron Christensen
Side Dump car M&StL X-828749 viewsUndated picture of M&StL X-828 side dump car. Collection of Ron Christensen
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