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Ballast Regulator Blair, NE1123 viewsResting on the Blair, NE siding during September 2005. Photo taken by Jay Anderson
Boxcar M&StL X1200 in MOW service1047 viewsIs this the last M&StL box car in green? The picture was taken in Eagle Grove, IA in maintenence of way service, 10/10/93. The grafetti was removed, photo by Ron Christensen
CNW 251384 Nelson 090504.jpg
Caboose CNW 251384 Nelson, IL1328 viewsFound a row of CNW equipment at Nelson, IL on September 5, 2004, including this MOW caboose. Photo by Jerry Krug
X261520 caboose W. Chicago.JPG
Caboose CNWX 261520 West Chicago1471 viewsThe C&NW designated certain cabooses only for M.O.W. service. Here is X261520 wearing the typical gray paint of M.O.W. cars. Jerry Krug photo, July 4, 2003.
Composite Hopper CNWX 203157 Rock Springs, WI1198 viewsOver the years C&NW acquired its fair share of second-hand equipment... This is ex CB&Q (Burlington) Composite Hopper Car X203157 in "Gravel Only" service at Rock Springs, WI during 8/1979... Photo by John F. Campbell...
FDDM&S Bulkhead MoW Flat848 viewsEx FDDM&S Bulkhead Flat #514 in C&NW MoW Service as a "Tie Loading Only" Car at Butler, WI during 5/1981... Photo by John F. Campbell...
CNW MOW flat 250852 Keeler Ave. 091304~0.jpg
Flat car CNW 250852 Keeler Ave, Chicago, IL893 viewsFlat car 250852 was found resting at Keeler Ave. on September 13, 2004 by Jerry Krug.
Pile driver CNW 261600.jpg
Piledriver Idler Flat CNW 261600 Nelson, IL1123 viewsPiledriver Idler flat CNW 261600 was found with other CNW MOW cars at Nelson, IL. Jerry Krug photo, 9-5-2004.
Scale Test Car CNWX 2636011101 viewsPrior to C&NW developing their own self-powered Scale Test Cars they mostly used those Built by Lake Erie Engineering Corp like X263601 seen here at Butler Yard during 11/1979... It was Built 3/1926 - Refurbished at NFDL 3/1979, and Recalibrated in Minnesota 5/9/1979... Photo by John F. Campbell...
Tank Car CNWX 263216 Chadron, NE1195 viewsMost likely still sitting where it was left during the day of C&NW operations. This fuel tanker still sits on the old Chadron diesel ramp. Northwest corner of old yard. Jay Anderson photo 06/14/03.
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