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C425 4256 Antoine, MI1718 viewsRecently renumbered C&NW ALCO C-425 #4256 (ex 402) with Caboose 10525 (ex CGW 626) has backed into the old roundhouse track which was now fenced off with iron railings and adjacent to the crew quarters building... Antoine, MI on 9/6/1982... Photo by John F. Campbell...
C628 6727 6710 Ishpeming, MI1618 viewsALCO's #6727 and #6710 roll through the Ishpeming, MI yard, June 1976.
Photo by Bill Hakkarinen.
Coal Tower Ishpeming, MI1592 viewsA view of the coal tower at Ishpeming. Bob Bullermann photo, 7-28-1965
Crossing Signal Wells, MI1880 viewsWig Wags were a popular C&NW Warning Device in various regions of the System... And C-628 #6702 is leading two other units and a long "drag" of iron ore "jimmies" with horns "blaring" as it pounds across the roadway leading to Wells, MI with the Wig Wag fully activated during 8/1986... Photo by John F. Campbell...
Depot Niagara, WI1369 viewsC&NW Niagara, WI Depot saw many years of service scheduling switch jobs of the Niagara Subdivision working the Kimberly-Clark/Niagara of Wisconsin Paper Mill, the Yard just across the Menominee River in Michigan, and the Quinnesec, MI Yard... 9/6/1982 Photo by John F. Campbell...
Depot Wallace, MI1777 viewsA wood combine car used for the depot. Wallace is about 15 miles north of Menomonee. Photo taken 5-26-1946. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.
Escanaba, MI2057 viewsAlco DL 109 5007A is at Escanaba with a 400 display train on January 10, 1942. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.

Hermansville, MI1865 viewsA view of the Hermansville depot. Hermansville is west of Powers on the Peninsula Division. Strecher photo, Feb, 1914. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.

Iron Ore Dumper Escanaba, MI1322 viewsC&NW Iron Ore Dumper facilities at Escanaba, MI on 5/16/1984... CN/WC has recently installed a Bottom Dumper in the open space between the two structures in this view and began using this feature 1/2005... Photo by John F. Campbell...
Little Lake, Michigan1643 viewsLooking northwest from the station towards the crossing with the Munising, Marquette and South Eastern Railway in May, 1914. Strecher photo, C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.
Menominee, MI2093 viewsClass M-1 2040 switching Ann Arbor boat, either No 5 or No. 6, at Menominee. Photo circa 1930s. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.

Negaunee, MI1701 viewsOld time signal governing the crossing of the C&NW with the DSS&A at Negaunee. Strecher photo, 1914. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.

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