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Butler, WI2150 viewsClass R-1 locomotive 1102 leads a six-car NMRA excursion at Butler, WI. The train is on the westward main track and the rear coach is under the Hampton Avenue Bridge. 1939 photo, C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.
R-1 1071591 viewsThe 4-6-0 was photographed by H.W.Pontin, date and location unknown. The pilot suggests the locomotive is in passenger service. The well-maintained engine had 21x26" cylinders, 63" drivers and 200 lbs. boiler presure which produced 30,900 lbs. of tractive force. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
R-1 1147 Belle Plaine, IA429 viewsC&NW R-1 No.1147, 4-6-0 at Belle Plaine, IA, March 22, 1941 a Vinson Luwe photo. C. Shannon collection.
R-1 1332 Chicago, IL464 viewsNo.1332 Class R1 4-6-0, at Chicago. Collection of C. Shannon.
R-1 1342 Chicago, IL.477 viewsC&NW R-1 No.1342 4-6-0, Chicago, IL. Photo taken by Vinson Luwe. Note the missing bell, this must be on the scrap line. C. Shannon collection.
R-1 1376 West Chicago, Ill.563 viewsArthur B. Johnson photographed the 4-6-0 at West Chicago on May 7, 1950 probably when the engine was in commuter service though she is fitted with footboards for local freight work. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
CNW 4-6-0 #1385 Cedar Rapids, Ia. Sept. 1982.jpg
R-1 1385 Cedar Rapids, IA2897 viewsC&NW's 1907 built 4-6-0 steamer #1385 has an excursion train in tow as it arrives Cedar Rapids, Ia. in September of 1982. Photo by R J Williams
R-1 1385 Iron River, MI3666 viewsR-1 1385 is in revenue service loading ore at Iron River, MI. Bob Peterman photo, 1953. Bob Baker collection.
R-1 1385 Kenosha, WI2658 viewsClass R-1 1385 is eastbound on the Old Line Sub just south of Kenosha, WI. Mike Patrick photo, 8-18-1985

R-1 1400 Princeton, WI2920 viewsClass R-1, 4-6-0 #1400, makes a stop at Princeton, WI with train No. 10. In six more days, the Marshfield to Fond du Lac train will be discontinued. Jim Scribbins photo, 4-1-1954. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
R-1 344562 viewsNo. 344 was built by Baldwin in 1907. The W.R.Hicks undated photograph is at an unidentified location. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
R-1 344 Chicago, IL.505 viewsC&NW No.344 4-6-0, at Chicago IL. C. Shannon collection.
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