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Box Car 251064 Altoona, WI1759 views40' outside braced steel box car. Rebuilt at Clinton, April, 1971, from a wood sided box car. Photographed at Altoona, WI. Dick Talbott photo, 5-14-1979
Box Car CGW 499 Perry, IA1585 views40', 50 ton, plain end box car built by Pullman Standard. The car has Cresco three panel doors. The car is stenciled 'System Merchandise Service Only". The car was rebuilt 1950-1951 from a 85000 series box car. Dick Talbott photo,
Box Car CGW 54651294 views40', 50 ton, PS-1 box car with 6' doors. Dick Talbott photo, location unknown, 5-20-1981
Box Car CGWX 4044 Des Moines1040 views40' box car built by ACF Jan. 1931. Repaintedby C&NW to gray and red for MOW service. Dick Talbott photo, 5-21-1996
Box Car CMO 1751 Grand Island, NE2082 viewsCMO 1751 Boxcar photographed at Grand Island, NE on 9-25-1955 by Jack Pfeifer. Submitted by Clem Devine.
Box Car CMO 20024 Express Boxcar1672 viewsExpress boxcar CMO 20024 was built with high-speed trucks, air signal line and steam line for passenger service. Photo taken at Wausau, WI, 7-70. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
Box Car CMO 221941738 viewsThis photo was taken in Minnesota on the CGW in March 1959. Ron Christensen collection
Box Car CMO 58998 Builders Photograph843 viewsStandard Steel Car Company July of 1927 builders photograph of C.St.P.M.&O 58998. 50-ton single sheathed boxcar. Car numbers 58000 to 58998 even numbers only. Specification number 2155, office order number A-10065. General drawing number 52511-4. Submitted by Tim Meyer.
Box Car CNW 11838 viewsBox # 1 at Racine, WI, October, 1953. Western Printing was first company to have C&NW 1 spotted for loading. The cars in this 1953 order were numbered from 1 to 625. Photo from the collection of Keith Kohlmann. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
Box Car CNW 123981044 viewsCNW 12398 Wood boxcar: I do not know much about the picture. I purchased it off of eBay and had it digitally restored. I find the bracing of the end very interesting. Tim Meyer
Box Car CNW 1432 Boone, IA1319 views40' PS-1 box car, built April, 1954. Left side reads "Route of the 400 Streamliners", at Boone, IA.
Dick Talbott photo, 5-18-1981
Box Car CNW 1432 Boone, IA1331 views40' PS-1 box car, built April, 1954. The right side reads "The Overland Route". Dick Talbott photo, 5-18-1981
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