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Air Dump CNW 11883 Powers, MI1115 viewsAir dump car, build by Magor Car Co. in December 1965. Dick Talbott photo, 5-19-1980.
Side dumper 11803 Waukegan 092603.jpg
Ballast Car CNW 11803 Waukegan,IL1244 viewsFound a string of UP family side-dumping ballast cars at Waukegan on September 26, 2003 including CNW 11803. Photo by Jerry Krug.
Business Car 402 Duluth, MN2876 viewsBusiness car 402 was purchased by the C&NW from the Penn Central in 1974. In 1985 it was named “Iowa.” Car was privately owned when photographed at Duluth, MN by Jim H. Yanke, 8-9-1992.
Business Car Iowa Duluth, MN2724 viewsBusiness car 402, later named Iowa, is at Duluth, MN. Originally built in 1930 as a baggage-club car for the New York Central. Photo by Jim H. Yanke, Aug. 9, 1992
Caboose CNW 10948 North Fond du Lac, WI1306 viewsC&NW Caboose #10948 Built by Thrall 4/1960 seen here in relatively fresh "safety yellow" paint at the North Fond du Lac Caboose Servicing Track on the evening of 11/7/1982... This Caboose carried two different slogans; one on each side... John F. Campbell Photo...
Car Dept Office North Fond du Lac, WI1983 viewsC&NW Caboose #10800 (ex Lehigh Valley #95012) converted to a Car Department Office at North Fond du Lac, WI... Photo taken during 11/1979 by John F. Campbell...
Conductor - C&NW841 views1960 - E.P.Gunderson and wife, Zelda posing in front of a C&NW caboose.
Conductor - C&NW793 viewsMay 1969 - My wife's grandfather, E.P.Gunderson, Conductor on the C&NW "400" service out of Eau Claire, WI.
Depot Dunlap, IA1142 viewsC&NW wood depot at Dunlap. IA. Dick Talbott photo, May 1981.
Depot Fond du Lac, WI2115 viewsNo. 149 is at the Fond du Lac depot in 1964 on its way to Green Bay. Russ Porter photo. Submitted by Bob Baker.

E 1607 Fond du Lac, WI3177 viewsNo. 210, “The Valley” with Class E Pacific 1607, is coming around the curve at Brook Street and will soon be at the depot. H. Nehls photo, 1939.
J. H. Yanke collection.
Engineer's Class North Fond du Lac, WI1397 viewsThese 20 locomotive firemen are gathered together for a photo of the engineer classes. North Fond du Lac is a guess for this location as it was the headquarters for the Northern Wisconsin Division established in 1900 and later was combined into the Lake Shore Division. Photo, circa 1912, is from the collection of Dan Hayes whose grandfather is 4th from right, back row.
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