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Coil Steel Car CNW 39712 Madison, IL564 viewsC&NW Coil Car 39712 photo taken at Madison, IL yard 5/15/93 by Ron Christensen. This car was purchased from the DT&I as part of 75 cars.
Gondola CGW 1084 Norfolk, NE805 viewsPicture of CGW 1084 taken in Norfolk, Nebraska July of 2003. The car is used to move scrap metal from the scrap yard to the steel mill. Photo by Tim Meyer
Gondola CGW 1254 Milwaukee, WI757 viewsCGW 1254 gondola built 7-52, rebuilt 11-84, at Milwaukee, WI on 2-28-1987. Photo by Clem Devine.

Gondola CNW 116153 Kaukauna, WI1226 viewsCNW 116153 built 9-41, photographed at Kaukauna, WI in 7-1980 in pulpwood service. Note added braces for higher load loading. Photo by Clem Devine.

Gondola CNW 118192 Watersmeet, MI1078 viewsPulpwood loading gons ready for pickup. Dick Talbott photo, 5-21-1980.
CNW 128077.JPG
Gondola CNW 128077 Winona, Minnesota703 viewsCNW 128077 waits to be picked up by the UP switch job after being interchanged from CP Rail. This car is in surprisingly good shape at this date. 8/12/04 Photo by Dan Grossell.
Gondola CNW 130063 Racine, WI854 viewsCNW 130063 gondola built 5-80. Photo at Racine, WI in 7-1982. Photo by Clem Devine.

CNW 340153 Butler.jpg
Gondola CNW 340153 Butler, WI784 viewsGondola CNW 340153, placed in service in 1981, was found on MSSPR at Butler, WI on November 5, 2006. Photo by Jerry Krug.
Gondola CNW 350628 Clinton, IA313 viewsNote the slightly extended sides on this gondola. Photo by Jerry Krug at Clinton, IA on April 28, 2004.
Gondola CNW 5526 Racine, WI947 viewsCNW 5256 built 3-56, photo at Racine, WI in 3-20-81. Photo by Clem Devine
Gondola CNW 5567 Racine, WI924 viewsCNW 5567 gondola built 4-56, photo at Racine, WI in 2-81. Large W shows through in 5th panel from right. Car must have had billboard C&NW when in red paint. Photo by Clem Devine.
Gondola CNW 741008 Clyman Jct, WI369 viewsMost cars in this series are painted green. Weathering and lack of UP shield suggest a C&NW paint job. Photo by Jerry Krug at Clyman Jct. WI on November 8, 2009.
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