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SD70ACe UP 1995 Clinton, IA1955 viewsThe C&NW Heritage Unit, painted by Union Pacific as the 1995, leads train MPRCB westbound into Clinton, IA. This was the unit's first revenue run in the CNW-inspired scheme. Chris Keating photo, July 16, 2006.
UP 1995 CPT 071506.jpg
SD70ACe Up 1995 Chicago, IL1855 viewsThe CNW Heritage unit was presented at the Ogilvie Transportation Center on July 15, 2006. It was on display under the shed. Here is a front-angled view. Photo by Jerry Krug.
UP 1995 et al Rochelle 051506.jpg
SD70ACe UP 1995 Rochelle, IL1779 viewsCaught the UP's CNW Heritage unit leading MPRCB at Rochelle, IL on July 16, 2006. Photo by Jerry Krug from Dement Rd.Bridge.
Dane wig wags 082304.jpg
Wigwags Dane, WI1622 viewsIn 1995, the UP leased the ex-CNW track in the Madison, WI area and the line north to Reedsburg to the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad. Functioning wigwags are still in place at Dane, WI. Photo taken August 22, 2004 by Jerry Krug
GP15-1 UPY 549 Butler, WI1599 viewsGP15-1 UPY 549, formally C&NW 4404, was built 6-1976. Photographed at Butler, WI, 8-28-2001 by Jim H. Yanke.
Trio 121105 Butler.jpg
C44-9 8701 Butler, WI1579 viewsThe final trio of CNW engines were parked at the fuel rack at Butler (Milwaukee) on snowy, cloudy December 11, 2005. Assigned to MPRVP, they departed after dark. Photo by Jerry Krug.
CNW 319.jpg
SW1200 F&EVR 1219 (Ex CNW # 319)1547 viewsNow the workhorse for the F&EVR out of Fremont, NE. This ex CNW switcher runs weekend excursions and the Dinner train from Fremont to Hooper, NE on the old CNW Fremont to Norfolk, NE line. Jay Anderson photo (11/14/03)
F7 411 Horicon, WI1542 viewsThe 411 was built by EMD in November 1949 as C&NW 4082C for freight service. It was reassigned to commuter service in 1959, when it was regeared for higher speeds and received a diesel generator for head-end power. It was renumbered to 411 in December 1971. The locomotive was recently released from the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad paint shop at Horicon, WI and will return the Illinois Railroad Museum. James Kolanowski photo, August, 2006. Photo permission of Trains Magazine News Wire, Trainsmag.com
SD40-2 UP 2960 Menomonee Falls, WI.1533 viewsCNW 6811, easily distinguished by its burn marks, had recently been patched to UP 2960 when this shot was taken at the Pilgrim Rd. crossing. 2/26/03 by Jerry Krug.
CNW 8820 West Chicago 100103.jpg
AC4400CW 8820 West Chicago, IL1527 viewsCNW 8820 was found resting on the EJE's interchange siding at West Chicago. It helped pull coal to the generating plant near Joliet, IL. Photo taken October 1, 2003 by Jerry Krug
CNW 8564 KSHB 032003.jpg
Kate Shelley High Bridge west of Boone, IA1495 viewsThe C&NW allowed only one train at a time on the KSHB.  To allow two trains on the bridge simultaneously, the Union Pacific strengthened the bridge in 2002 by adding bracing, visible as gray strips contrasted to the dark tarnished original bracing.  CNW 8564 is the second unit in this shot taken March 16, 2003 by Jerry Krug.
FEVR Nick.jpg
SW1200 FEVR 1219 Ex C&NW 319 Nickerson, NE1490 viewsMaking the turnaround in Nickerson, NE on the former C&NW Fremont to Norfolk Line. This is Sunday afternoon dinner train run. 02/05/2006 Jay Anderson photo
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