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CNW 8828 EB Dement br~1.jpg
AC4400CW 8828 Rochelle, IL2573 viewsCNW #8828 led a Sheboygan coal train eastbound through Rochelle on May 16, 2004. Photo taken from Dement Road bridge on May 16, 2004. Jerry Krug photo.
F7 4094C Council Bluffs, IA2565 viewsA-B-B set of F-units 4094C-4080B and unknown at Council Bluffs, IA Sept. 1962. Photographer unknown, Mike Guss collection
Third Ward Yards Milwaukee, WI2563 viewsThis photo taken off the Milwaukee River Bridge shows the coaling tower, roundhouse, Chicago-bound Budd RDC cars, and tower. The interlocking switches were controlled by the bridge operator. The tower was used by the signal maintainers. Photo, circa 1953, J. D. Ingle’s collection, submitted by J. H. Yanke
FA2 4103A Chicago, IL2563 viewsLooking kind of tired, ALCO #4103-A awaits its fate at the 40th St. Shops on Chicago's west side. Gerald Widemark photo, 10-1961
E3 5001 Milwaukee, WI2554 viewsE3 5001 and new “400” pose for a PR photo on the Adams Line, west of Teutonia Ave near Wiscona in Milwaukee, WI. C&NW PR dept photo, 9-1939. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
No. 1 "Kate Shelly 400" Wheaton, IL2543 viewsNo. 1, the "Kate Shelly 400" is at Wheaton, IL. John Winchester photo, 9-1966. Submitted by J. H. Yanke.
CNW #5031A Chicago, Ill..jpg
E8 5031A Chicago, Ill.2542 viewsCNW E8 #5031A sits outside NorthWestern Station in downtown Chicago in August of 1981. Photo by R J Williams
F7 4079A Chicago, IL2535 viewsF7-A #4079A displays a somewhat unique application of the headlight-mounted bell application. Many of the 400 series commuter F's displayed a similar arrangement, but the 'bolted on' look was unique to the 4079A (later renumbered to 267). Mike Guss collection
Business Car 401 Galveston, TX now is "Anacapa"2534 viewsThe last place you would expect to find a C&NW car is at a railroad museum in Galveston, TX. But former C&NW Business car 401 was sold to a private party and ended up in Galveston. The Mars light is a clue to its origins. The fence on the right make photography very difficult. Car 401, renamed Anacapa. Joe Piersen photo, 2-20-95.
E8 5019B Kenosha, WI2533 viewsE8 5019B was built in 1947 as an E7. It was rebuilt to an E8 in 1953. Photographed on a commuter train at Kenosha by Mike Patrick, 7-1965.
CNW #8831 050603.JPG
AC4400CW 8831 Wauwatosa, WI2530 viewsCNW #8831 visited Butler for fuel after pulling coal to the Oak Creek power plant. Taken from US 45 bridge on June 26, 2003 by Jerry Krug
Coach Interior2520 viewsInterior view of a streamlined coach in the 800 series after rebuilding by Pullman-Standard in the late 1950’s. C&NW P.R. photo. Submitted by J. H. Yanke.
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