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SD40-2 6802 Chickasha, OK460 viewsSD40-2 6802 and UP B4239 with southbound at Chickasha, Oklahoma, in April 1998. Photo by Nick Jenkins
M&StL M-1 606 St.Paul, MN458 viewsAll 35 of the M&StL 2-8-2's had 24"x30" cylinders, 59" drivers and operated with 185 lbs. of steam pressure which produced 46,000 lbs. of starting tractive force. The 15 built in 1921 later operated with 200 lbs. of boiler pressure which pushed tractive force up by 3,800 lbs. Undated shot at St. Paul, Minnesota by an unidentified photographer. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
M&StL M-1 602 St.Paul ,MN457 viewsNo. 602 was one of 15 2-8-2's built by Schenectady in 1915. They were followed by five more in 1916 and 15 in 1921. All were essentially the same though the last 15 had Delta trailing trucks. No. 602 was purchased by the Algoma Central & Hudson Bay in 1946. At St. Paul, Minnesota; date and photographer unknown. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
S-4 825455 views825 was a Class S-4, 4-6-0, built by Schenectady in 1892, Construction No. 3937, Scrapped 09/09/1927. This was the only 825 ever on the roster. C. Shannon collection.
M-1 2029453 viewsM-1 0-6-0 switchers were built from 1905 to 1917. Rail Photo Service print without date or place. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
M&StL F-1 316 Minneapolis, MN453 viewsF-1 2-6-0 No. 316 was one of eight built by Schenectady in 1906. They were near duplicates of the fifteen built in 1899-1900. A Graham photo shot in Minneapolis on September 6, 1931. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
M&StL F-3 64 Monmouth, IL452 viewsThe M&StL rostered seven Moguls with 51" drivers that were 0-6-0 switchers with guiding wheels. The engines were built from 1908 to 1910. No. 64 was an Iowa Central engine built by Baldwin in 1908 and scrapped in 1939. A Robert Graham photo shot October 14, 1934 in Monmouth, Illinois. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
CMO K-2 389 Sioux City, IA451 viewsCMO 389 was a Class K-2 Pacific delivered on August 2, 1911. There were just two of them, 388 & 389.
Photo taken at Sioux City, IA August 28,1946. C. Shannon collection
CGW E-75 509449 viewsCGW 509 a 4-6-2 locomotive. C. Shannon collection.
CGW G-4 605448 viewsCGW 605 a 2-8-0 locomotive. C. Shannon collection.
Caboose M&StL #1112447 viewsThe caboose was made from a AMB kit, with scratch built brake rigging, grab irons, and end railings.
Model made by Ron Christnsen.
Frist place in the caboose catagory at the 2007 meet in Huron, SD.
Snow Freemont, MN447 viewsStuck in the snow 3.5 miles West of Fairmont, MN. on the C&NW. Photo by Francis Chlupach, Thanksgiving Day 1952. Robert Chlupach collection.
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