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R-1 1342 Chicago, IL.446 viewsC&NW R-1 No.1342 4-6-0, Chicago, IL. Photo taken by Vinson Luwe. Note the missing bell, this must be on the scrap line. C. Shannon collection.
Coil Steel Car CNW 39509 Madison, IL444 viewsCoil Steel Cars in the Madison yard, Photo taken at the May, 1993 CNWHS meet in Collinsville IL. Ron Christensen photo.
Way Car 10734 model442 views2nd Place Waycar/Caboose at the 2008 model contest. Model built by Ron Christensen.
This started as a Mullet River car kit. Interior, under frame detail, and end detail were scratch built and added.
M&StL H-5 456 St.Paul, MN440 viewsThe last and most powerful group of 2-8-0's ordered by the M&StL consisted of 12 built by Schenectady in 1912. No. 456 lasted until 1950. It is pictured in St.Paul on August 3, 1941. A Robert Graham photo submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
Milwaukee , WI station440 viewsThe Milwaukee Depot, modeled by Keith Kolhmann in N gauge.
Coil Steel Car CNW 39643 Madison, IL439 viewsCoil Steel Cars in the Madison yard, Photo taken at the May, 1993 CNWHS meet in Collinsville IL. Ron Christensen photo.
Depot Comfrey, MN.438 views1904 Photo of the CNW Depot lower right. Comfrey, Minnesota.
Note the buggies behind the depot across the open area. Sign after crossing the tracks says, "look out for cars".
Photo card published by Shedd-Brown, Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Francis Chlupach collection.
5A#910_Class_R1 _4-6-0_no_info.jpg
R-1 910437 viewsNo.910 a Class R-1. Collection of C. Shannon.
Depot Lombard435 viewsA view of today's Lombard depot on the West line of the ex-C&NW (west suburban Chicago). Taken July 2010 by Chuck Stancil.
M&StL F-2 332 Albert Lea, MN433 viewsNo. 332 was an Iowa Central engine built by Baldwin in 1908. It has Walschaert valve gear and a wide firebox. Robert Graham found the Mogul at Albert Lea, Minnesota on August 7, 1928. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
Snow Fairmont, MN431 viewsStuck in the snow 3.5 miles West of Fairmont, MN. on the C&NW. Photo by Francis Chlupach, Thanksgiving Day 1952. Robert Chlupach collection.
M&StL H-2 478429 viewsNo. 478 was one of ten built by Baldwin in 1910; another ten were built at the same time for the Iowa Central class H-6. P.H. Stringham shot her at an unidentified place and time. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.
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