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De Soto UP_02.jpg
Car Shops De Soto MO154 viewsA freshly completed mechanical refrigerator car is on the UP transfer table. The cars were part of an order rebuilting a number of older cars with new refrigration units and GPS equipment.
Ron Christensen Photo 5/02
MRS_St Louis_02.jpg
MRS railroad switcher154 viewsThe Manufactures Railway Co. served the Anhieser Bush Brewery in St. Louis.
Ron Christensen photo 5/02
Model M&StL Boxcar 53018152 viewsA Red Caboose HO model boxcar, the roofwalk removed, ladders shortened, special paint and weathering by Dennis Eggert.
Model CNW JS #2538147 viewsClass JS 2-8-2 #2538 brass HO locomotive, Overland model with many details added. Model by Paul Meier.
Model CGW Covered Hopper 7247147 viewsThis is a scratch built GATX 4500 cu ft HO covered hopper built by Jeff Eggert.
Model CNW Boxcar 9343146 viewsA Kadee PS1 HO boxcar, the bottom side sills modified, special paint and weathering by Dennis Eggert.
TRRA_ St Louis_02.jpg
TRRA Switcher St. Louis, MO142 viewsIn 1970 the Terminal Rail Road Association of St, Louis conneced with 16 trunk lines in the East St. Louis and St. Louis area.
Ron Christensen photo 5/02
Model CGW Caboose 10523142 viewsA Centrailia Car Shops, HO model weathered by Dennis Eggert
Model CNW Boxcar 83544142 viewsA HO Intermountain 1937 AAR boxcar, a Kadee roofwalk added, special paint and weathering by Dennis Eggert.
Rain Fans Tour June 13, 1948142 views430 miles of travel from Chicago to Green Bay and back. From the collection of Nick Jenkins.
Model CGW Covered Hopper 7253139 viewsThis is a scratch built GATX 4700 cu ft HO covered hopper built by Jeff Eggert.
Snyder, NE135 viewsSnyder, NE, not really "preserved" -- just not torn down yet. The tracks are long gone but you can see the scars of the ROW Dave Nelsen photo May 19, 2012.
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