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E-2B 2912 Racine, WI4107 viewsClass E-2B 2912, a 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific, was built in 1930. In this photo, taken by Bob Gaulke, the diesels pulling #240 have had mechanical problems. The 2912 was put on en route to get the train to Chicago. The photo was taken at Racine, WI 4-6-52. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
No. 501 Madison, WI4034 viewsNo. 501, a Chicago to Minneapolis train making all stops, is coming into the Madison station. FP9 4054A was rebuilt from FT 5402D. John Gruber photo, 1, 31, 1957. Submitted by J. H. Yanke.
E 1538 Arlinton Heights, IL4015 viewsClass E Pacific 4-6-2 1538, built in 1910, stops with a 3-car scoot for Chicago at Arlington Heights, IL. C&NW PR Dept photo, circa 1947. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
CGW T2 8693937 viewsThe 869 is a Class T-2, "Texas" type 2-10-4 built in 1930 by Baldwin
It is 99'-1''' long, 63" drivers, and 304,800 LB on the drivers
Tender capacity 14,000 gals water,  5000 gals oil. Price collection
Budd RDC and Observation Car Milwaukee, WI3879 viewsBudd Built RDC’s are next to the westbound “Twin Cities 400” at the Milwaukee, WI station. Joe Barth photo, 1956. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
Budd RDC Lake Forest, IL3853 viewsThe C&NW puchased 3 Rail Diesel Cars from the Budd Company in 1950. They were traded to the C&O Railroad in 1957 for 3 coaches. The photo was taken at Lake Forest, IL by Joe Barth, 6-25-1955. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
M 22 Rockford, IL3802 viewsClass M switch engine 22 was photographed at the So. Winnebago Roundhouse in 1947. Photo submitted by Brian Landis.
D 493 Rockford, IL3801 viewsClass D 493 and another Class D are doubleheading a passenger train over the Rock River at Rockford, IL in 1954. Photo submitted by Brian Landis.
M-1 2021 Rockford,IL3801 viewsClass M-1 switcher 2021 at the South Winnebago Street Roundhouse in 1953. Photo submitted by Brian Landis.
F-7 #400 Lisbon, Ia..jpg
Amtrak Inspection Train F7 400 Lisbon, Iowa3789 viewsF7 #400 leads an Amtrak engine and two cars on an Amtrak inspection train over the C&NW eastward at Lisbon, Iowa in June of 1982. Photo by R J Williams
E-2B 2911 Chicago, IL3747 viewsClass E-2B Pacific 2911 is pulling out of Chicago with the heavyweight “400.” C&NW P.R photo taken between 1935 and 1939. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
AS-416ms 1489 Milwaukee, WI3711 viewsRebuilt Baldwin 1497, still in ex-MKT paint, leads a FM and another rebuilt Baldwin with an eastbound train between Chase and St. Francis, WI. Bob Bullermann photo, 9-1973.
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