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R-1 1385 Iron River, MI3625 viewsR-1 1385 is in revenue service loading ore at Iron River, MI. Bob Peterman photo, 1953. Bob Baker collection.
Bi-level Coach No. 1 Kenilworth, IL3606 viewsBi-level coach No. 1, built for suburban service by the St. Louis Car Company, is at the Kenilworth, IL station on 4-2-1955. Joe Barth photo, submitted by Jim H. Yanke.
Suburban trains in Chicago3606 viewsA view of rush hour suburban trains at the junction of the West Line and North/Northwest Lines in Chicago. C&NW PR Dept photo, circa 1970. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
H 3025 Rochelle, IL3596 viewsClass H 3025 brings the 19 cars of the Chicago-bound "Pacific Limited" across the interlocking plant at Rochelle, IL. Jim Scribbins photo, 8-31-1947. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
Metra E-8 #517 West Chicago, Ill..jpg
Metra E-8 #517 West Chicago, Ill.3594 viewsA Metra painted former CNW E-8 #517 is bringing a westbound commuter train into West Chicago for a quick station stop in August of 1981. Photo by R J Williams
CNW Passenger Car #401 West Chicago, Ill..jpg
Business Car 401 West Chicago, Ill.3572 viewsCNW Observation car #401 is on the rear end of an eastbound piggyback train today as it rolls eastward through West Chicago, Illinois, on a sunny August day in 1981. Photo by R J Williams
Business Train 5024B Butler, WI3569 viewsThis photo was taken at BJ Interlocking, Butler, WI on 4-25-1973 by Dave Ingles. I was a trainman on this business train from North Fond du Lac to the Chicago Passenger Terminal. Behind E8 5024B, is a bi-level coach-buffet lounge car, follow by two business cars. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
No. 153 -"Flambeau 400" Milwaukee, WI3510 viewsNo. 153 has just departed the Milwaukee Road station and will stay on the Milwaukee Road through the City of Milwaukee until it reaches the connection to the C&NW at Wiscona. Tom Hoffmann photo, 8-14-1969.
No. 209 "Peninsula 400" Central St. Evanston, IL3509 viewsAlco DL-109 5007A was the only DL-109 owned by the C&NW. It was a 2000 HP unit with two 6 cylinder engines. 5007A was built in 1941 and retired in 1956. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
E-2A 2903 Milwaukee, WI3501 viewsClass E-2A Pacific 2903 is at the Milwaukee, WI depot with Green Bay to Chicago train No. 206. Jim Scribbins photo, 12-21-1947.
Submitted by J. H. Yanke.
Club-Lounge 79003483 viewsClub-lounge cars 7900 to 7902 were built by American Car & Foundry in 1949. They were used on the "Cities" streamliners and were painted in the UP color scheme. Later the 7900 was painted in the C&NW green and yellow and used on Wisconsin trains. This photo was taken in Milwaukee, WI in August, 1964. 7900 is in the consist of train #160 to Chicago. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
GP40 5502 Loves Park, IL3483 viewsGP40 5502 at Loves Park, IL on the old KD line. Photo taken December 20, 1988. Submitted by Brian Landis.
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