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No. 400 Last "Twin Cities 400" Milwaukee, WI3152 viewsThe Adams engine crew is relieved by the Milwaukee engine crew who will take the final Twin Cities 400 to Chicago. Bob Ferge photo, 7-23-1963 Bob Baker collection.
CGW 912.jpg
CGW K3A 9123136 viewsCGW 912, Class K3A 4-6-2 Pacific ,was built by Brooks in 1903. The engine and tender were 70 feet long. The tender carried 11 tons of coal and 6125 gallons of water. Price collection.
No. 601 Milwaukee, WI3133 viewsTrain #601, pulled by a GP7, has departed the Milwaukee station and is passing Chase Yard on its way to Madison, WI. Joe Barth photo, 11-8-1953. Submitted by J. H. Yanke.

No. 209 "Peninsula 400" Chicago, IL3125 viewsNo. 209, the Peninsula 400, has departed Chicago at 4:00 PM in May, 1956 and is passing over the Clinton Street interlocking plant on its way to Ishpeming, MI. Photo is from the collection of Joe Testagrose. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
E 1607 Fond du Lac, WI3101 viewsNo. 210, “The Valley” with Class E Pacific 1607, is coming around the curve at Brook Street and will soon be at the depot. H. Nehls photo, 1939.
J. H. Yanke collection.
No. 401 “Twin Cities 400” Milwaukee, WI3098 viewsNo. 401, the “Twin Cities 400” is westbound between St. Francis and Tower BA in Milwaukee, WI. With E8 5027B. Joe Barth photo, 6-21-1953. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
Depot Plymouth, WI3088 viewsPlymouth is on the line between Sheboygan and Fond du Lac. The CNW depot is on the left, the Milwaukee Road on the right. The crossing of the railroads is protected by a “smash-board signal.” Photo taken 9-1963. Collection of Bob Baker.
D 10153088 viewsI believe this is the original builder's photo of the C&NW 1015, still alive but rusting away in the St. Louis Railroad Museum. Found the photo in its original frame in a shop in Fredericksburg, Texas. Submitter: Jack Howell
F7 4084A Lake Geneva, WI3073 viewsA Chicago to Williams Bay train is at Lake Geneva, WI. Private car Northwest Passage is behind the unit. Mike Schafer photo, 8-1965. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
CNW 8824 Brachs 041904 2.jpg
AC4400CW 8824 Chicago, IL3073 viewsEastbound CNW 8824 rested on the center track all day near Keeler Ave. while waiting for permission to proceed to 59th St. to interchange a coal train. The closed Brach's candy factory provides the backdrop. Photo by Jerry Krug on April 19, 2004.
CMO E-3 601 Milwaukee, WI3060 viewsOmaha Class E-3 #601 is being serviced at the Chase Yard roundhouse in Milwaukee, WI. The Alco 4-6-2 was delivered to the Omaha Road in 1930. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.
No. 400 Last "Twin Cities 400" Milwaukee, WI3058 viewsThe parlor-observation car leans into the curve as No. 400 picks up speed leaving the Milwaukee Depot. Bob Ferge photo, 7-23-1963. Bob Baker collection.

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