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S1 1232 Rockford, IL3223 viewsAlco S1 1232 photographed at the So. Winnebago Roundhouse in 1953. Photo submitted by Brain Landis.
Depot Roscoe, IL3223 viewsOn the line between Madison and Belvidere. Photo taken in 1908. Submitted by Brian Landis.
Depot Beloit, WI3223 viewsPhoto taken in 1922. Submitted by Brian Landis.
Bridge Rockford, IL3223 viewsPhoto taken in 1995. Submitted by Brian Landis.
Depot Winnebago, IL3222 viewsOn the line between Rockford to Freeport. Photo taken in 1953. Submitted by Brian Landis.
Depot Poplar Grove, IL3222 viewsOn the KD line between Harvard and Rockford. Photo taken in 1918. Submitted by Brian Landis.
Business Car #402 Bertram, ia..jpg
Business Car 402 Bertram, Iowa3220 viewsCNW Business Car #402 is on the rear end of the #1385 steam special that ran over the Iowa Division from Clinton to Boone, Iowa and return in September of 1982. Photo at Bertram, Iowa by R J Williams
No. 400 Last "Twin Cities 400" Milwaukee, WI3220 viewsThe Adams engine crew is relieved by the Milwaukee engine crew who will take the final Twin Cities 400 to Chicago. Bob Ferge photo, 7-23-1963 Bob Baker collection.
No. 401 “Twin Cities 400” Milwaukee, WI3214 viewsNo. 401, the “Twin Cities 400” is westbound between St. Francis and Tower BA in Milwaukee, WI. With E8 5027B. Joe Barth photo, 6-21-1953. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
CMO E-3 601 Milwaukee, WI3203 viewsOmaha Class E-3 #601 is being serviced at the Chase Yard roundhouse in Milwaukee, WI. The Alco 4-6-2 was delivered to the Omaha Road in 1930. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.
No. 209 "Peninsula 400" Chicago, IL3202 viewsNo. 209, the Peninsula 400, has departed Chicago at 4:00 PM in May, 1956 and is passing over the Clinton Street interlocking plant on its way to Ishpeming, MI. Photo is from the collection of Joe Testagrose. Submitted by J. H. Yanke
C&NW #8816 Marshalltown, Ia..jpg
AC4400CW 8816 Marshalltown, Iowa3193 viewsA very clean and 8 month old C&NW 8816 sits alone in the dark outside the Marshalltown, Iowa diesel shop facilities on 7-25-95. Photo by R J Williams
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