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Box Car M&StL 611828 Rochester, MN1200 viewsDuring 1973 the Clinton Car Shops refurbished a group of ex M&StL 40' Box Cars and later entered some of them into "Food Loading Only" (XF) service... M&StL/C&NW 611828 - Built 2/1952 - Seen near Rochester, MN during 8/1979 is one of this group... Photo by John F. Campbell...44444
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CNW Grain Hopper Cars  Clinton, Ia.~0.jpg
Covered Hopper Cars Clinton, Ia.721 viewsRecently outshopped Grain Hoppers sit outside the car repair facilities at Clinton, Iowa on 5-31-95. Photo by R J Williams44444
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RSD4 1516 Brookings, SD1005 viewsAlco RSD4 #1516 leads Alco C425 #402 on Train 495 at Brookings, SD on 1-2-77. Mike Guss photo44444
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RS3 1622 Schenectady, NY1492 viewsAmerican Locomotive Company's builder photo of CNW 1622. The 1600 hp RS3 was built in June, 1953. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.44444
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CGW #42158 Box Car366 viewsThird place modeling contest at the 2005 meet in Mason City. HO Model by Ray Meyer.44444
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J-4 2810854 viewsNo. 2810 was halted at an unidentified location. when photographed by P.H.Stringham. The 2-8-4 was one of twelve built by Dunkirk in 1927 and was scrapped in 1953. The photo is from Railroad Photographs but the date is unknown. Submitted by Edward J. Ozog.44444
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Monico Junction, WI1833 viewsMonico Junction is on the Ashland Division. The route going north out of Antigo split here for Watersmeet or for Ashland. C&NW Historical Society Archives collection.44444
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F3 202 Oelwein, IA2917 viewsAn ABA set of F units, with F3 202 leading, on display at Oelwein for the CNWHS tour. Bob Baker photo, 5-198144444
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M-1 2021 Rockford,IL3714 viewsClass M-1 switcher 2021 at the South Winnebago Street Roundhouse in 1953. Photo submitted by Brian Landis.44444
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C44-9W 8601 Sheboygan, WI1501 viewsCNW 8601, ATSF 8084 and CNW 8623 are pumping up the air on coal loads to bring into the Edgewater Power Plant. Jim H. Yanke photo, 6-9-1994.44444
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SW1 CMO 55 Hudson, WI1149 viewsOmaha Road SW-1 #55 at Hudson, WI on June 30, 1960. This locomotive later became CNW 1207 (2nd) and later CNW 616. This unit is now on display at Oelwein, IA. Original photographer unknown, Mike Guss collection44444
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Third Ward Yards Milwaukee, WI2559 viewsThis photo taken off the Milwaukee River Bridge shows the coaling tower, roundhouse, Chicago-bound Budd RDC cars, and tower. The interlocking switches were controlled by the bridge operator. The tower was used by the signal maintainers. Photo, circa 1953, J. D. Ingle’s collection, submitted by J. H. Yanke44444
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