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H16-66 1905 West Allis, WI1367 viewsAn eastbound train with three FM H16-66 units is passing by the West Allis Station. J. D. Ingles photo, 7-14-1973.44444
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Box Car CGW 57011365 viewsCGW 5701 Boxcar built in 1957. Photo from collection of Clem Devine.44444
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Five GP-35_s (853-849-850-852-857) haul 87 car westbound train PRBFA east of Chadron Ne. on 9-11-85 Photo by RJW.jpg
GP35 853 Chadron, NE1219 viewsFive GP35's (853-849-850-852-857) haul 87 car westbound train PRBFA east of Chadron NE. on 9-11-85 Photo by R. J. Williams44444
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Covered Hopper CGW 7028 St. Paul, MN812 viewsAs the 1980's wore on, former CGW freight cars still in their original livery were beginning to get scarce. CGW 7028 at Western Avenue yard, St. Paul, MN on 1-5-88. Mike Guss photo44444
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SD18 6625 Minneapolis, MN792 viewsSD18 6625 at Harison Street, Minneapolis, MN on 11-9-87. Mike Guss photo44444
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CNW 6614-850-848-6602 Merriman, Ne..jpg
SD9 6614 "January on the Cowboy Line!"1207 viewsIt's January 16th of 1986, and westbound train PRBFA is photographed just outside of Merriman, Nebraska on it's journey through the sandhills (or in this case the snowhills) with SD9 #6614, GP35's 850 and 848, and SD9 #6602 making up the consist today. Photo by R J Williams44444
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DRS 6-6-15 15001676 views1500 HP Baldwin Road Switcher No. 1500 was built in 1948. Unit was rebuilt in 1958 with an EMD 1500 HP engine. Builder’s photo at Baldwin Plant.
Submitted by J. H. Yanke.
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F3 211 Roseport, MN2431 viewsCNW 211, ex-CGW 112C, ducking under US 52 north of Roseport, MN on 5-8-76 Ed Kanak photo; Mike Guss collection.44444
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RSD4 1516 DeSmet, SD1031 viewsRSD4 #1516 with RSD5 #1688 and SD9 #6618 at DeSmet, SD on August 14, 1980. Mike Guss photo44444
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GP7 1525 1581 Racine, WI1972 viewsThe two GP7's pictured here are freight engines that do not have steam generators. The 1500 horsepower unit, 1525 was built in March,1951. The photo was taken at Racine Junction, WI, in November, 1953. The C&NW rebuilt the 1525 in October, 1973, and renumbered it 4328. Submitted by J. H. Yanke44444
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Diesel Service Tracks at Chadron, Ne. on 8-11-85 Photo by RJW.jpg
GP35 849, GP7 4104, GP35 847, GP35 8511768 viewsDiesel Service Tracks at Chadron, NE. on 8-11-85
Photo by R. J. Williams
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SD40-2 6832 Racine, WI1164 viewsSD40-2 6832 and GP7 4483 haul the Circus train westward through Racine on the Old Line towards Milwaukee. Mike Patrick photo, 7-10-1991.44444
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